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Titan Clash
Author: -Athan- Submitted: 25th October, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 117

Nothings special. I saw some sources while i was looking into TDC games,then inspired from them. I also learned the AI from Andos.

I like this, because you have to be hurry! maybe i will make this a cool online game to play with your friends.

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Posted by 緑葉 26th October, 2008

So what is the game about?
Posted by -Athan- 26th October, 2008

download and see, it cannot be described, it doesn't have any installer...
Posted by UrbanMonk 26th October, 2008

Its a pong type game that uses the mouse, and its good pretty good AI
Posted by surpreme ruler of castlevania.....JRP#3000 27th October, 2008
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hey, not bad, not bad at all, good ai and maybe ad a goal net so we know where to get the ball and a few different stages maybe power ups and cool rock music and you got yourself a fun game to pass the time.
Posted by Trusketch 7th November, 2008

Good concept, although mouse movement is obviously superior in most games, not so witht his.

Since the only option for a click game is mouse movement, it cant be pulled off without glitches (mouse engine sucks default, very glitchy. Ex: player over ball causes ball to shoot out in random direction)

for that reason I think keyboard movement is ideal.

But AI is exceptional, this is a really good air hockey sim, the best I've seen
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