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Blobber Wars demonstration
Author: QuaziGNRLnose Submitted: 4th November, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 496

this is a file for demonstration of blobber wars, its an engine.
it doesnt support turning around yet lol, but it shows some of what the character animation engine looks like, and how the active liquid and physics simulation work. its nowhere near finished, but it is something i suggest you download as its very "fancy" and lots of people found it quite amazing whereever i posted it last
controls are
-mouse aim
-left click shoots
-arrow keys move
-shift jump

i know i should use wasd but i have my left hand in a cast atm

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Posted by Ski 4th November, 2008

The liquid Physics were very cool, but fun for about 20 seconds.
Posted by QuaziGNRLnose 4th November, 2008

yay!, its not a game yet tho, its like saying tower of goo was cool but fun for about 20 seconds, it has no real play value atm, just a demonstrtion for my projects portfolio, thanks 4 downloading
Posted by -Nick- 4th November, 2008

Very impressive. This all depends on whether you can make an actual game of it rather than a little physics playground. A decent game would be spectacular!
Posted by QuaziGNRLnose 4th November, 2008

well im actively working on it, this is only about 3 hours of work, spread over a few weeks cause im busy
i plan on making a game from it, when the protagnist engine is done. i hope to make it into a great puzzlish, action game, i have alot planned already, art is what takes forever
Posted by Sketchy 5th November, 2008

my graphics card only supports pixel shader 1.0, so I can't play it
Posted by -Athan- 5th November, 2008

what graphic card do you have?
Posted by 3kliksphilip 5th November, 2008

Possibly the mx variety? I'm sure that the Geforce 4 TI series had DirectX 8.1 support.

As for this game... OMG! My life has been leading to this moment! This must have some horrible coding working behind the scenes. Really professional work- well done. Replace the goo with blood and you've got yourself a nice, universal effect.
Comment edited by 3kliksphilip on 11/5/2008
Posted by Sketchy 5th November, 2008

It's a "GeForce4 Ti 4200 128MB" to be precise. Shame cos I'd like to try this...
Posted by QuaziGNRLnose 5th November, 2008

its a shame that i cant disable the blob effect, its what uses pixel shader 2.0, anything else would look like circles but i could upload that if u wish
Posted by QuaziGNRLnose 5th November, 2008


wow thanks, and i am planning on later reusing this engine to make a zombie game, where you can destroy zombies anywhere, like lets say you shoot him in the face, well it stays there!, and if you chop out his mouth with a chainsaw, it also stays there, shoot him in on top of his head, ect. sorta like destructible terrain in worms.

and everyone, if u like this make sure to fave the project so that it can catch more steam
Comment edited by QuaziGNRLnose on 11/5/2008
Posted by UrbanMonk 5th November, 2008

I have yet to be able to download this,
it always stops at 99%

can you upload somewhere else please?
Posted by OMC 5th November, 2008

This looks really interesting, but my card does not support pixel shader 2.0 either....

This looks strikingly like a logo I just made where liquid flows through some gears to form letters. >_>

I REALLY need to finish my ideas before other people make them!
Posted by QuaziGNRLnose 5th November, 2008

oldmanclayton, i know what you mean,i had an idea, and then i realised it was bionic commando, as a little kid, i had an i dea for "helicopters" and well, they already existed Image.gif" border=0 alt=""> and i also had the idea for sin and cos, and had the graphs made by myself, and then i learned it at school lmao. i reallly hate when that happens srry.

i would post it without PS 2.0 but well, the liquid uses it and w/o the effect it looks like nothing special
edit: i mean the liquid looks like nothin special, the character himself and the hoses to his gun ect are really well linked with events and stuff so that he actively animates in chunk rather than being a series of photos
Comment edited by QuaziGNRLnose on 11/5/2008
Posted by OMC 6th November, 2008

How about a youtube video of it being played?
Posted by [EclektiK] 6th November, 2008
Rated :

That was made with Construct?

Lol I never used it really but wow it has nice effects!
Posted by QuaziGNRLnose 6th November, 2008

ill post a video asap,
i prefer construct, for making games that look like theyre new, and in HD resolutions,
MMF2 is great for making gameboy, or snes style games, its rendering engine runs nice and pixelly and rotations look like mode7
and construct has lots n lots of effects, and much better FPS cause of HWA.
i like both, its a matter a choice really
anyways ya it was made with construct, but that effect was invented by me, it not a default, and wow thank 4 the 5 stars! even tho this aint a game lol
Posted by Dr. James MD 10th November, 2008

What, he gave Bibins game a 0 because he doesn't agree with it?

That does it. I'm giving GTA and SF4 0%.
Comment edited by Dr. James on 11/10/2008
Posted by QuaziGNRLnose 10th November, 2008

well the fact remains that i cant give a object rotations between 360, and decimals are rounded for reasons unknown so that i need to make a silly workaround, also, who are you to say ripped anime images, this WEBSITE supplys everyone with freaking anime avvys and your avvys is also freaking anime, things made on construct are still just expirements, give people time and things will be made, its not even at version 1, i didnt expect games to be made for mmf2 when it wasn't even complete.

and james its not that i "disagree" with it, i just find it stupid, if he made it about mass murdering for the sake of gameplay id be fine, but if he made it about the hollocost for the heck of it or "as a joke" like he says for his game, id dissagree.
"im not saying its nearly that bad lol, just to put thing into context a lil better"
there was no reason to make a game that flaunts around an ignorant opinion as some sort of in joke. i just find its not as if he needed it to be like this, and it adds nothing to the game, no gameplay mechanic, nothing at all. he just puts it because he felt like voicing his opinion (however stupid it is) i have the right to also. i can vote 0 to offend ppl, because he can make a game which offends ppl. why the hell not. i mean its not like im the bad guy here, i didnt insult anyone anymore than he did to me, the ppl at scirra, and ppl who support scirra. infact im the good guy here defending fair treatment of anyones choice, this site isnt for Klickers only, or at least that what you guys try to say. but your community is quick to defend a klicker who spits in non klickers faces
Posted by QuaziGNRLnose 10th November, 2008

"The idea for the game is not mine. The task for that round of the tournament was to recreate somebody else's game from the tournament in an earlier round"

i appologise, i thought you were the one who had made the first and this one. i must say though, if someone were to post a game similar to yours but reversed people WOULD backlash from this community, not all, but they would and they wouldnt be kind enough as me to change their minds and actually give a reason why they dislike it. i appologise and just want this to be put behind me now, but i doubt theyd do that since they need to attack my grammar and laugh about "hippocrate" for 5 posts, theres even ppl who gave you 0 just to be asses, they dont even look at my points. you dont see much flame directed towards us and thats because we dont post controversial material which makes us look like we think were better than you, which were not in my eyes
Comment edited by QuaziGNRLnose on 11/10/2008
Posted by Bibin 10th November, 2008
Rated :

Alright, you've apologized, I'll remove the rating if it's possible.
Posted by Bibin 10th November, 2008
Rated :

Seems I can't change the rating - I guess we're even
Posted by QuaziGNRLnose 10th November, 2008

Posted by moren11 12th November, 2008

i thought the "engine" is supposed to be .mfx
but nvm
Posted by Knockturnal 15th November, 2008
Rated :

A construct .mfx? Lawl x3

Oh and i'll even out the second zero thar!
Posted by Disthron 22nd October, 2009

Hi there, the pictures of your demo look really cool. However I can't seem to download it. When I go to type in the authentication code it always tells me I've got it wrong. Though I'm sure I've always typed what it said. Is anyone else having this problem?

Anyway, looks really cool, just from the screen shots.





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