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Drill Bits final demo
Author: RedEnchilada Submitted: 18th December, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 99

Edited By RedEchidna on 12/19/2008

Edited By RedEchidna on 12/19/2008

Drill Bits is a game about a wierd creature named "Drill", who has a drill attached to his rear. The game is an arcade game in the vein of Dig-Dug, but with some differences. Instead of blowing up enemies, you are collecting parts, and instead of automatically plowing through any walls, you have to use your drill power wisely.


-20 levels
-3 enemies
-2 bosses
-4 difficulties
-A bug-free movement engine
-Online high scores
-16-bit styled graphics

This is about 40% of the game. I also made a new menu system that looks better. I hope you guys enjoy!;12699277;/fileinfo.html
Mirror, for if you can't download.

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Posted by W3R3W00F 18th December, 2008
Rated :

Aw, I can't open it.
Posted by Carnivorous id 18th December, 2008

I can't open it either. I'll try again later.
Posted by RedEnchilada 19th December, 2008

Whoops, I think I forgot the DLLs. I'll reupload it.

Edit: Blargh, I can't log into 110mb right now to reupload.

Edit 2: I have a mirror up. Hopefully you guys can download it.
Comment edited by RedEchidna on 12/19/2008
Posted by erghhhhx 19th December, 2008
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The engine is kinda' good, actually but I dislike the graphics. You should have put more effort in making new pics for the diagonal(?) directions.
Posted by W3R3W00F 19th December, 2008
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Carnivorous ID, If you didn't know, pic #4 is your avatar. IDK, just thought i'd say.
Posted by RedEnchilada 19th December, 2008

TA, I'm lazy with graphics. I've always been, and will probably remain lazy with them under most circumstances. Glad you like the engine, though.

Also, my host is working again, so the original download works. And I'd feel all warm and fuzzy inside if you guys would submit a score or two.

One last thing, W3R3W00F, I believe I've already mentioned that on the project page.
Comment edited by RedEchidna on 12/19/2008
Posted by W3R3W00F 19th December, 2008
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Comment edited by W3R3W00F on 12/20/2008
Posted by W3R3W00F 19th December, 2008
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Simple but fun! Kudos! Cheers! Blaghvasnagwah! (IDK what that means either. )
Posted by RedEnchilada 20th December, 2008

Hey, guys, I'd appreciate it if you would all submit a high score. The board's empty.

If you're not sure how, just click "Upload" on the local high score board, enter your name, click "Upload" again, and it'll submit the score you got during the last game and pull up the board.
Posted by AndyUK 25th December, 2008

In my opinion you run out of power far too quickly and therefore far too often.
Making the player wait half of the time they play the game is probably not a good idea.
Posted by RedEnchilada 27th December, 2008

Just so everyone knows, I updated the demo. It's just a minor graphical change (For the life icon), and I also made the drill recharge about eight times faster. If you guys could redownload, kthxbye.





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