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Metal Slug - Economical Crysis
Author: Mr G Submitted: 5th January, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 187

Edited By Mr Green on 1/5/2009

Edited By Mr Green on 1/5/2009

This is my very first game on MMF2. It's called "Metal Slug - Economical Crysis" (because I used MS gfx rips ).

I was testing out how MMF2 worked out and found an example file on their website. I did my own version of that game and here is the outcome.

The objective of the game is to catch to rockets that the helicopter drops from time to time. You will gain points if you do or if you fail to catch them, they will explode and if you touch them while they explode you'll loose points

Why is he catching the bombs, you say? Cause of the economical crysis around the world, a merchant in Arabia tought that he would gain some money if he sold the rockets that he cought

There are no sfx (unfortuanetly) cause I haven't really understood how MMF2 works yet and the game is a bit poor on that point.


Left and Right Arrow to move
That's all

Have fun

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Posted by Mr G 5th January, 2009

Yay, my game is here at last
Posted by Marko 5th January, 2009

Not bad, for an exercise in using MMF. Good luck with your finished game
Posted by Mr G 5th January, 2009

Thanks for the early comment

My real game will actually be something else (or an engine). It will probably be a rip from some other game too unfortuanetly (because I can't draw ) but I'm trying to develop my coding skills to create the game of my dream
Posted by Mr G 6th January, 2009

More C&C will be appreciated
Posted by Mr G 10th January, 2009

24 downloads and only 1 comment
Posted by erghhhhx 12th January, 2009
Rated :

Five, counting yours!

...Six, counting mine.

Decent game, though I dislike ripped graphics.
Posted by Zezard 13th January, 2009
Rated :

It doesn't exactly stand up to it's name (Metal Slug), but I guess it has been a good exercise to see how you can use the klick products as well as how you can implement external graphics in a good way.

About the game, there isn't really any challenge in it. It could have been the minigame from the classic Lion King game, but instead it wasn't really anything. There should be more types of dropped items to catch, and you should have included a high score instead of making the game eternal and without goal. I also noticed that the explosion animation froze at a time, meaning that you might want to look over the code there until you upload your next game (with that type of effects).

If you are interested in making more games like this one, I recommend that you check out the recycling minigame in McDonalds World Gladiators (for Sega Genesis), now that's a catch-falling-stuff-minigame.

Don't let my rating discourage you to upload more stuff, and you actually included those ripped graphics very well.
Comment edited by Zezard on 1/13/2009
Posted by Mr G 13th January, 2009

This was more of a test then a game actually

I managed to implement the rip gfx easily cause I'm into graphical stuff a lot but this example was actually done a while ago (I didn't mention it before, sorry).

You guys should look at my upcoming game engine that I'm really working hard on (check my profile for link).

I won't be improving this game since it was done months ago and I have pretty much improved a lot since then. Wait till you see my finished fighting engine
Posted by dndfreak 14th January, 2009

umm... you know that the term is economic, right?
Posted by Mr G 16th January, 2009

English is not my native language, so I could have some grammer/word usage problems...
Posted by James Luke 14th February, 2009

Also Crysis is the name of a game, Crisis is what it's meant to be.
Posted by Mr G 12th March, 2009

Yeah, wrote that wrong too





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