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TGF1 to MMF2 Super Tutorial Pack
Author: Mr G Submitted: 14th February, 2009 Favourites:1
Genre: Engine Downloads: 1612

Edited By Mr Green on 2/15/2009

This tutorial pack is a combination of all my researches over the internet for the past 1.5 years. I have not made any of the tutorials that I have included on this tutorial pack and simply made a mega tutorial pack for all those newbies and pros to have a look at. The tutorials are mostly from TGF1 to MMF2.

I do not remember most of the sites from where I downloaded the tutorials from but I'll try to list what this tutorial pack has included:

- 360 Degree Movement
- A.I. Tutorial
- Attack Tutorial
- Astro Space Tutorial
- Ball Gravity Tutorial
- Ball Voleyball Movement Tutorial
- Battle Engine 2 Tutorial
- Beat'em Up Tutorial
- Breakout Engine Tutorial
- Car Movement Sliding Tutorial
- Circle Tutorial
- Combo (Fighting Engine) Tutorial
- Commandos Engine Tutorial
- Direct Play Tutorial
- Drag'n Drop Snap Tutorial
- Layer Order Tutorial
- Ini Tutorial
- Isometric Engine Tutorial
- Menu Tutorial
- Moonlander Tutorial
- Multi Resolution Tutorial
- Pacman Engine Tutorial
- Parallax Engine Tutorial
- Particle Effects Tutorial
- Password/Cheat Tutorial
- Pinball Tutorial
- Platform Tutorial
- Point'n Click Tutorial
- Pong Tutorial
- Restart/Shutdown Tutorial
- Radar Tutorial
- R.T.S. Mouse Tutorial
- Save and Load Tutorial
- Screen Saver Tutorial
- Scrolling Tutorial
- Search & Destroy Tutorial
- Space Tutorial
- Static Engine Tutorial
- Soccer Engine Tutorial
- Strafe Tutorial
- Timer Tutorial
- Window Example Tutorial

(Total of 70 Tutorials included)

And many more. I'm sorry I couldn't list all of them accurately because there are "ALOT" of tutorials and some aren't described properly by their authors.

I have no intention of claiming any of these tutorials as my own. I only want to help the community by giving an all in one tutorial pack I have gathered from a long time. Hope you like it all

EDIT: For those who have 7zip and want to download a more compressed file for the tutorial packs you can use this alternative link here:

Download: (5.67 MB)

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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 14th February, 2009
Rated :

While it's usually against our policy to accept things not created by their uploaders, we'll make an exception in this case as this is a very large archive of info (freely distributed by their authors at the time) that would be invaluable.

Thank you for the upload
Posted by Mr G 14th February, 2009

Thanks for accepting it

All of the tutorials I've found were free to use. I'll add the authors name on the download info section if they also want to be acknowledged
Posted by Silveraura 14th February, 2009

Very nice!

This is by far a contribution, if I've never seen one before. Great job.
Posted by Mr G 14th February, 2009

You should thank the authors of the tutorials instead of me
Posted by The Chris Street 14th February, 2009

Its a good idea in theory but you really should have got permission from the creators. I'd be a bit annoyed if someone uploaded something I made under their profile.
Posted by Mr G 14th February, 2009

You are definetly right, but some of the tutorials were so old that I couldn't even find their websites on the web or neither contact them. And considering there are about 60+ tutorials, it would take a lot of time.

If anyone else gets annoyed by this upload, you guys can take it out. I would have just uploaded it under an annoymous profile if there was such a thing present on TDC but the only way to upload it was on my profile
Posted by dndfreak 14th February, 2009
Rated :

whoa... thats a lot of tutorials. I dont deed it for much but having stuff pre-coded is nice for me so DOWNLOADS AWAY!
Posted by UrbanMonk 14th February, 2009
Rated :

Thanks for this, very helpful. I'll add these to my database
Posted by W3R3W00F 15th February, 2009
Rated :

Do you know how long somebody could've been waiting for this? A long time, no doubt. This is absolutely awesome, and I don't even have to look for tutorials when This is right here. VERY helpful. Thank you for submitting this!
Posted by Cecilectomy 15th February, 2009

some of those are recent actually. i recognise them. i would suggets a message asking the creator to pm you if they see their tutorial. either to have it taken off, credit given under their name, or whatever.
Posted by -MacAdaM- 15th February, 2009

Yay, my platform engine!
No credit or anything needed.
I feel honored that its in a giant tut pack though!
Posted by MBK 15th February, 2009
Rated :

Absolutely beautiful. I bet that I have most if not all of these though.

Hmm, 2 of those screenshots I don't remember .. Downloading!

This is the sort of thing that should have been uploaded many years ago, before I used so much time to hunt for such things. Good Job!

Posted by DUGaming 15th February, 2009

Will this be competing in the GOTW?
Posted by Mr G 15th February, 2009

It's not a game, so it shouldn't I guess.

@Cecil: If you can list the authors of the recent engines, I'll contact them a.s.a.p. I may have also mixed recent tutorials without noticing. I just bundled up everything on my hdd
Posted by Mr G 15th February, 2009

Just added an alternative link with a 7zip compressed file
Posted by Sketchy 15th February, 2009

Yay, there's one of mine too (albeit not my finest work).

I think it's a very good idea - some of them were just made to help people on the forums, so they never made it into the downloads section.

I really need to go through all of these sometime - could be quite educational.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 15th February, 2009
Rated :

You guys do realize that 99% of these files have credits built into the actual tutorial files, right? I understand your guys point of view, but I don't agree with it. Tutorials are made specifically to be distributed for people to learn. Limiting their access make no sense what so ever.
Posted by Kazuma 16th February, 2009
Rated :

One of them about scrolling wants credit for using the line Always - Set center to 0,0 from Player.


Anyway, some of these could be done better, but I guess for a total newbie, it could be useful.
Posted by Mr G 16th February, 2009

Most of the engines in the pack were made for TGF1 at that time, so it could have been at their limits, now that we have MMF2 those things can probably be done better.
Posted by Kazuma 17th February, 2009
Rated :

That's not really the case, but if you say so.
Posted by Mr G 20th February, 2009

Well since they are "tutorials", they weren't meant to be top notch, but mostly only informative. So there could be difference of quality between different tutorials
Posted by Kazuma 26th February, 2009
Rated :

Definitely. Some of them are good while some are quite useless.
Posted by G. Hull 10th March, 2009

Are there any tutorials on how to make a Tower Defense Game? I've been looking for ever and can't find anything!
Posted by Mr G 12th March, 2009

I had found one before but don't remember now :S

Try looking at the downloads section for tutorials and engines
Posted by Trooper_959 26th April, 2009
Rated :

This is like a great pak of tutorials thanks man
Posted by Mr G 1st May, 2009

Your welcome
Posted by Mr G 1st June, 2009

Download it while you can cause I accidentally erased all my tutorial pack files while trying to backup

So when the links die, they will be gone for good
Posted by CoxyofNewp 4th September, 2010

The Link Is Daed!!
Please can you Re Do!!
Many Thanks In Advance....
Keep up the good work..
Posted by supaguygames 27th July, 2013

oh no!! the link is dead!

anyone has a mirror?
Posted by Nel Mosta 19th September, 2019

The Link Is Daed!!
Please can you Re Do!!
Many Thanks In Advance....
Keep up the good work..





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