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TMNT Engine V.1.0
Author: Jason Orme Submitted: 5th February, 2009 Favourites:2
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 447

Edited By Jason Orme on 2/5/2009

TMNT Engine has been going since 2006 and has had over 30,000 downloads.

Version 1.0 is a re-issue of 0.9 with bug fixes as it has been over a year since the last update.

The scoreboard has also been fixed with this update and your scores are now viewable online at

A few notes. The game IS buggy.
Nearly every bug has been reported to date that has been found. You can find the bug list here

As for the future of the TMNT Engine, it is currently un-certain. I'm unsure if future updates will continue or not as the coding is very messy and having come this far with the project, would be hard to iron out.

Many people ask about an Open Source release. There are currently no plans for any such version once again due to the messy coding.

There may be plans for either a new TMNT fan-game being made, but if there is it wont be using this engine.

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Visit the Official TMNT Engine Website at

What is "TMNT Engine"?
TMNT Engine is a project that I, Jason Orme, have been working on to recreate Konami's 1989 Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade game from scratch using ripped graphics and my own coding for a Windows system.

What can I do with it?
You can download the TMNT Engine and play it as you would any game, only its currently a work in progress and features that are in the original game may not yet be programmed.

Is it free?
Yes, TMNT Engine is free to be downloaded and played and will never be sold, as this would violate the copyright laws.

Why don't you just play the real arcade game or use emulators?
I still do play the arcade game, as I own the arcade machine, but I'm doing this to pay homage to the game and it has been somthing I've wanted to do for a long long time. Unlike emulators this allowes me to add my own material to the game, new characters, levels and possibilities.

Is it open-source?
Currently no open source has been released, plans to do so are still in the discussion stages.

I'm a great programmer, can I help?
Sorry no, I am doing this for myself, I'm enjoying doing it, but its also to test myself.

Is there anyway I can help?
I am looking for skilled sprite rippers for sprites, backgrounds aswell as testers to find out bugs/problems. If you think you can help or have other ways to help then please contact me.

Will you re-make (insert game name here)?
I do not wish to take on any other tasks right now, this one is difficult enough.

Are you going to remake the full game?
Everything will be coded, and the best way to know if everything works as it should is to make the game as it originally was, so in a way yes, this can be done.

What will you do once this project is complete?
Well, as some of you may know I also have which is a collection of sprites ripped from the game to create a database, that will need completing. But once the engine is complete it leaves it open for me to create brand new TMNT Fan games using the same engine.

What else can you do with this engine?
The engine is the same used for most Konami games, from Turtles In Time to The Simpsons.

What program do you use?
Multimedia Fusion 2 by

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Visit the changelog below to see the changes in this release.

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     (18.61 mkb )

Posted by MBK 6th February, 2009

Thanks Jason. I'm still hoping you release the source though, even if it is messy.

Did you see the little beatemup movement I made quite a while ago? ... it's really messy and hard for me to understand, and I made the thing! ... but, I tossed it up opensourced anyways, cause there's too few out there for people to learn from. That's probably why there's so few beat-em-up games on this site. Most of the beatemups here are flat left and right walking only 2d platformers, or 8 directional with no jumping and limited attacks.

Posted by steve 6th February, 2009


Downloading.. Nice to see you still working on this, Jason
Posted by steve 6th February, 2009

Seems to have mostly same problems as before in the engine (layering etc) and you need to add some negation conditions to the special attack so that it has some solidity.
ie. "jumping/attack/getting hit" animations are NOT already playing while player hits button1+2

The collisions are quite off still, too - at times I can hit the enemy without the sword even touching them. Collisions are most important thing in a fighting game (IMO!) So this is a priority - also the Z axis is off (as you know, after reading the bug report)

Scrolling on stage 2 completely messed up (camera seemed to go off to the bottom after the diagonal part)
forcing an F2

Really hope you get the engine cleaned up - I love this game! And I see it's become quite popular - 30,000 downloads! That's amazing.

Good luck
Posted by Jason Orme 6th February, 2009

Thanks for the comments guys.

MBK, i'm working on a new engine for a TMNT fan-game I was thinking about making it open source so that everyone can work on it together to iron out bugs etc. If I do somthing like that it will be on the TMNT Engine Projects page.
Posted by Xio 6th February, 2009
Rated :

this is pretty cool u gatta teach some tricks
Posted by MBK 7th February, 2009

Sweet, duly noted, I'll definitely check it out if you decide to Jason!

Like Xio here said, teach us some tricks ... it'll go round the invisible circle and come back to teach yourself even more. The best way to learn is from eachother, and no matter how good you are, there's always more to know.







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