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Review: TMNT Engine V.1.0
Author: Demon Lizardman
Added: 22/04/2009

Oh my god yes, TMNT engine is awesome. It pretty much plays like the arcade game and it even has the same effects but also has new special features. It's probably one of the best fighting engines I've seen on this site. I can see that Jason put a lot of time and effort into this.

The gameplay exactly plays like the original TMNT arcade game. You can beat up ninjas and you can even battle that pig and hog guy who try to beat you into turtle soup. The only problem is, sometimes when I clear all the enemies, the screen doesn't move and I have to restart the game to play it all over again. Other than that problem, it has awesome gameplay!

The graphics are all ripped from the TMNT games and the way he presents them it seem like the actual game, I sometimes play this and actually think I'm playing the arcade version! He certainly did a great job organizing the graphics!

All the sound effects and music was taken from the TMNT arcade game. Nothing else there but the rips are clean so I'll vie him that.

It's a fun game, and you probably be playing this for a long time. You also go into a mode where you can summon every enemy and boss in the game as much as you want and that will keep you up for hours.

It's a great engine demo that perfectly resembles the arcade version of TMNT. If you're an arcade fighting fan, play this now.

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