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Magnavox Odyssey - The Clone Project (v0.3)
Author: Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) Submitted: 26th April, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 136

Edited By Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) on 4/27/2009

Edited By Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) on 4/27/2009

Edited By Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) on 4/27/2009

Magnavox Odyssey - The Clone Project is something i made mainly for the heck of it. It tries to simulate the whole idea of having two dots ( or bars) and overlays. You define the rules, you define the scores!

Use the WASD and the keys for moving the two bars. I reccomend having two players

Here's a quick overview of the 5 overlays
1 - Blank. This is just for messing around with two bars.
2 - Tennis.
3 - Skiing. Move from one of the three top positions
to the bottom.
4 - Maze.
5 - Wrestling. Force the other player out of the ring.

( if the link leads you to some weird page, try copy-pasting the link to your browser)

- Redid some overlays, because the resolution allows me to.
- Now in HWA!
- Corrected some overlay sizes.

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Posted by Aptennap 27th April, 2009

Let me guess you watched the AVGN?
Posted by Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) 27th April, 2009

Well, i was watching some vids on retro systems, and i stumbled upon the odyssey, and then i saw the AVGN vid. So, yeah
Posted by Solgryn 27th April, 2009

Posted by caccolothemeaning 28th April, 2009

A retro thing and I can't download it... what's wrong with the link dude?
Posted by Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) 28th April, 2009

well, you might want to copy and paste the link into your browser. The host isn't a great fan of hot-linking.
Posted by erghhhhx 2nd May, 2009

Not much of a game...





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