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Super Claire World Cockatiel Chaos
Author: JustinC Submitted: 24th May, 2009 Favourites:3
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 262
GOTM - MAY 2009 - 3RD PLACE!

Edited By JustinC on 5/25/2009


Claire has defeated Captain Kitty and his powerful mentor, Evil Ghost. However, now free from doing the bidding of Evil Ghost, Captain Kitty has put into action his master plan for world domination. . . . The Cat Star.

From the Cat Star, Captain Kitty dispatches his army of top hat wearing turtle troops and other nefarious goons to Claire World.

Claire must now battle across Claire World to destroy the Cat Star and stop Captain Kitty once and for all. . .


In Super Claire World, you play as Claire in an attempt to reach the cat star and stop Captain Kitty. Throughout the levels you will get help from cockatiels which you release from their containers.

You can have 5 cockatiels at a time.

Collect 10 coins to earn an extra heart.


Arrow Keys - Move
Shift - Jump
Ctrl - When you have a cockatiel hold down ctrl to bring up the crosshairs. Use the arrow keys to aim a bird and then release ctrl, the bird will go flying wherever you aimed it. Use this to break through walls, destroy enemies, and other things.

The game obviously has some similarities to sonic but I should mention the graphics are 100% original. The music is 0% original. The soundtrack includes such overused tracks as "that first level from megaman x".


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Posted by UrbanMonk 24th May, 2009

Looks great!

Posted by Demon Lizardman 25th May, 2009

Fun game, nice Sonic clone.
Posted by OMC 25th May, 2009

I actually thought this was pretty good for a sonic clone.
Posted by Ski 25th May, 2009

The game broke when I tried to fire the birds at the first blocks.
Posted by JustinC 25th May, 2009

Did it happen multiple times? Was it when you first pressed ctrl to aim or when you released it to fire?

I haven't ever had this game crash on me so I'm not sure what to say.
Posted by Ski 25th May, 2009

It was when I released to fire. I also just sunk into a platform then slowly rose out, not very far only about 15 pixels.
Posted by Zephni 25th May, 2009

Posted by UrbanMonk 25th May, 2009

The game won't start for me. It crashes instantly. I think I might need that old outdated dll though. You ought to get someone with mmf2 to compile it for you.
Posted by AndyUK 25th May, 2009

It's a pretty stylish game. I like the idea of throwing birds at things although it would be nice to be able to throw faster.
I did feel restricted somewhat, since it appears to mimmick the Sonic games so closely i wanted to be able to roll into baddies.
Oh and the fixed jump height was a little annoying too.
Posted by Rikus 27th May, 2009

I'll write up a review this weekend Justin!
Posted by alastair john jack 27th May, 2009

I'm going to have to check this out!
Posted by Poobical 27th May, 2009
Rated :

I enjoyed this. Really simple concept, even though it was a Sonic clone, it didn't feel that much like Sonic. Graphics were really nice aswell. Enjoyed it alot. 4/5 Stars. (A Bit short though the game itself)
Posted by JustinC 27th May, 2009

Thanks for the stars!

Yeah it's kinda short. This was made over about 30 days to refine an old engine.
Posted by The Chris Street 28th May, 2009
Rated :

This was pretty good indeed though the protagonist didn't always jump when I wanted him to
Posted by The Chris Street 28th May, 2009
Rated :

Posted by Bo Fu 29th May, 2009

I actually enjoyed this game more than I enjoy most Sonic games. The Hoverboard levels were fun, but they were pretty easy, too.

If you're interested in making more of these games (or even re-releasing this one with new music), I would be glad to write some tunes for you, be it MIDI or any other format.
Posted by Bo Fu 30th May, 2009

Oh, and I agree about the jumping. Especially in the Volcano Level... an exercise in frustration when she doesn't jump near the ends of ledges.





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