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Robot (Demo)
Author: JustinC Submitted: 18th October, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 79

Edited By JustinC on 10/19/2006

In this sidescrolling action platformer you play as a little robot out to save robottown(I'm making this up as I go along, I know you guys like epic stories.)from a giant evil robot of some sort.

The final game should have about 6 levels. You'll fight a boss after each level.

He has a basic shooting attack, and a hover ability that lets him float across large areas.

All original graphics. Mostly original sounds.

I am currently looking for a level designer for the game so if you think you've got what it takes let me know in the comments or drop me an e-mail! I'd need someone to design around 3 levels. And if you've got any other ideas (enemy designs, power ups etc.) that could be implemented easily, let me know that too.

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Posted by Flava 19th October, 2006

The zip file doesn't seem to open for myself.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 19th October, 2006

Yes, it looks a bit broken. Can you try uploading this again?
Posted by JustinC 19th October, 2006

It should be working now. Sorry about that. . .
Posted by axel 19th October, 2006

Hmm, open source?

Not bad, not bad. But the engine has some problems, like the way it sinks through the floor, and is then pushed up, you know. Typical CPM mistake. You should use a fastloop to fix it, there are plenty of articles on that. The robot guy also seemed to have some problems with jumping while standing by a wall. You should fix that too, I'm too lazy to check the source.

Also, I don't know if it is intentional, but the robot's gun doesn't seem to follow him precisely. You should reorder your events there. Put the code that repositions the gun after the code that moves the robot, that should fix it.

Otherwise, it was quite an interesting game. I liked the scrolling, and the perspective and stuff. It made it a bit more interesting.
Posted by axel 19th October, 2006

Oh, and the enemies. You should move the first robot down a bit, you can't hit it sometimes, when it's hovering up and down like that. It's also kind of evil to place enemies right at the beginning of an area.
Posted by JustinC 19th October, 2006

Game is using an old version of my "static" engine so I just realized the floor sinking is still there. . . I have a way of fixing it without fastloop so I'll implement that in. . .

As for the gun I just left it alone, the movement gives it a more animated feel.

Open source? I believe I clicked protect application so it shouldn't be editable. . .let me know if it is.
Posted by JustinC 19th October, 2006

Oh and the wall thing. I've only had that happen in rare circumstances. Most the time it's only a pixel off or so. It's due to the perspective and the shape of the tiles I believe.
Posted by 20th October, 2006

I think you have to much acceleration.
I would have found it more enjoyable if it didn't.
Posted by axel 20th October, 2006

Dude, why would you include a protected source? It's not needed, it just adds to the filesize

And I thought the acceleration was too slow.
Posted by Ski 20th October, 2006

I liked this actually. Quite addictive.
Posted by JustinC 20th October, 2006

Because I use MMF Express, not MMF. It doesn't wrap it all into a nice neat exe like MMF does. The cca file is required. . .

And to above:

What do you mean by too much acceleration? He picks up speed too fast? Or he just moves to fast. If anything I just think he picks up speed a little slow maybe? Is that what you meant?
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 22nd October, 2006

I do like the movement, its smooth, the gliding bits pretty cool. Nice pleasant graphics too.
Posted by kankki 30th October, 2006

Hey, thumbs up dude! I loved it. Maybe some tech-like-music?
Posted by viva/volt 26th November, 2006

It's actually really good, keep up the dev on this!





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