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Lode Runnery LevelEd
Author: Rob Westbrook Submitted: 19th June, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 171

Edited By Rob Westbrook on 6/19/2009

Well after reading a couple of articles and some forum threads about level editors, I decided to give it a bash.

It's since developed into a little Lode Runner style project, but I thought I'd upload the level editor for people to have a crack at whilst I finish the actual game.

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Posted by maVado 19th June, 2009

I'm curious guys, Am I the only one who has a 1280*800 Flat Display and you guys still running VGA Display settings at 320*240?

Why .. so .. small ??
Posted by OMC 19th June, 2009

I've only got a 1024x768 and I ask myself the same question.
Posted by Solgryn 19th June, 2009

I got 1680x1050 It's abit too small yes
Posted by RedEnchilada 19th June, 2009

It's this whole thing where small graphics are easier to make, likely.
Posted by maVado 19th June, 2009

But it's not rocket science either ..
Posted by Rob Westbrook 19th June, 2009

Well I'm running at 1440x900, I just think small graphics have a certain charm It's easily scalable, I could up the tiles to 32x32 but this was mainly to see if I could make a level editor, not make particularly outstanding graphics.
Posted by OMC 19th June, 2009

It's a nice level editor. Small graphics do have a certain charm until you have to do something detailed with them, such as constructing a level.
Posted by Rob Westbrook 19th June, 2009

Good point. I'm in the process of scaling everything up to 20x20 tiles at the moment. Then I need to tackle the AI... Expect forums queries soon.
Posted by Ricky 22nd June, 2009

no test level button?





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