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Ninja Pary Panic!! feedback demo 2
Author: Petter Submitted: 1st July, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 196

Edited By Petter on 7/2/2009

New demo of Ninja Party Panic made for feedback purposes. I features one pretty short level and most of the perks and weapons that will be in the full game

The level featured in the demo won't be in the full game the way it appears now, but should give a fair impression of what to expect from an early level in the final product. Because of this I want to know any thought or criticism that you might have Any feedback is much appreciated!

Read this if you didn't try the previous demo:
Ninja Party Panic!! is a 2D action platform game with light RPG elements. Easy to play, but hard to master The button layout is explained in the game, but three things are important to know about:

-Double jump by pressing the jump button while midair
-You wall jump by pressing the Jump button while next to a wall
-While rolling, you are invulnerable to enemies

Pleas enjoy the demo and tell me what you think!

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Posted by Jon Lambert 2nd July, 2009

The link is broken?
Posted by Petter 2nd July, 2009

Yeah it was :/
SHould be fixed now
Posted by Jon C-B 2nd July, 2009
Rated :

I really liked this! The controls were much better and all the weapon choices were really cool. I think it would have been better to see what color you were choosing though. The death engine was also creative but it might be a little too forgiving, maybe each check point should only work once? But all in all this was really cool. My personal preference was color 2 (yellow) long sword and Molotov.
Comment edited by Jon C-B on 7/2/2009
Posted by Codemonkey 3rd July, 2009

Ninja pary?
Posted by Spitznagl 3rd July, 2009

This will turn into a great game for sure!
Just some things about the controls that still annoyed me:
-Wall jumps should only happen when holding the arrowkey opposite to the wall.
-In mouse mode(wich seems pointless anyway) why space to jump? Up would feel much better.
-In keyboard mode, I don't see the need for a third button for the side weapons. Up+S would do just fine.

Keep up the good work.
Posted by Marko 3rd July, 2009

Just had a quick go and was very impressed with the engine, very very nice work! The only bit of feedback i have is the same as Spitznagl's 1st 2 points above (what's with me - all i ever do is "agree with the above!" )
Posted by Spitznagl 3rd July, 2009

Other suggestions:
About the new weapons, the original katana is by far the best. Shouldn't they all give give you access to a special technique? We've all seen double jump and wall jumping before, so I thought you'd center your game around that awesome dash move enabled by the katana. But, if you want to make that move exclusive to that weapon, then the other ones would need to have their own "mobility" move too imo. And the "dropdown" attack from the longsword just can't be compared with the dash in term of mobility/awesomness.

Also, the side weapons are worthless as it his. If you want to limit their use, at least make them more powefull.
Posted by erghhhhx 3rd July, 2009

Impressive engine, indeed. This could be awesome if you work some more on the level design and maybe change the controls.
Posted by Jon C-B 3rd July, 2009
Rated :

I agree with Spitznagl, the katana move is way better than the other two weapon's moves. A suggestion for the scythe's move could be the ninja doing a spin attack in mid air which gives him an extra jump.
Posted by Ski 3rd July, 2009

Are the enemies Mr Potato heads?
Posted by W3R3W00F 3rd July, 2009
Rated :

This is a nice demo and it does have alot of potential.
I like the optional control schemes, colors, and perks a good deal. It definitely shows there are RPG elements to this.
However, it feels much more serious than it looks though, so I suggest maybe make more practical enemies, rather than Milkmen and Potatoes.

For the weapons, I found the Katana the best out of the three, because it's special move seemed to be the most useful out of the three. I couldn't see how the Longsword or the Scythe were going to help me accomplish anything really important with their special moves (I couldn't find the Scythe's- does it have one?).

I found the platform movement nice, but my only critisism is it may be a tad too tight. It's abit hard to control when you're trying to land on a platform. My suggestion would be to lessen the speed when moving right and left in the air, and tone down the gravity.

Overall, it's fun, but there are a few downsides. Good luck with the rest of the game.
Posted by MBK 4th July, 2009

Nice little demo you've got here. It plays smooth and that is good. It might be a bit too fast though, cause it's hard to control where the ninja lands.

Wall jumps should not interfere with double jumps, but as it stands currently if you attempt to double jump near a wall it is interpreted as a wall jump instead. You should make it so that if there is neither a left or right arrow key currently held in, it does the double jump near a wall, but if left or right either one are held in, a wall jump occurs. Either that or only use the arrow opposite direction of the wall for wall jumping. You could also leave it as is, but add to where double jumping takes precedence over wall jumping if the up key is held in.

I personally find it baffling that the shorter weapons have a longer ranged attack than the pole scythe. If you are going to keep the short range, then you may want to change the reaper scythe graphic to one of those small hand scythe weapons instead so it will make a little more sense. If you want to keep the long pole reaper style scythe, I'd suggest that you make it into a longer ranged strike attack.
Either that or make him spin with it and alternate between short and long strikes, because it just seems odd to only attack at shortest range with such a large weapon.

Posted by Jon C-B 4th July, 2009
Rated :

Found a bug: If you die while using the fruit magnet perk and fruit are flying towards you at the time they stick with you when you're dead and when you come back alive, but they aren't collected. This seems to be fixed when you get it by an explosion or enemy.
Posted by Petter 7th July, 2009

Really appreciate all the feedback! Will consider every suggestion while moving forward
Posted by Jack Zhou 13th July, 2009
Rated :

Nice engine, but I felt the controls were a little slippery. Found the same bug as Jon C-B. Also, lunging while swinging a katana is kind of annoying since you have to run back or it leaves you open for attack. It's weird to use the enemy's invincibility to run and attack again. It's looking good though. Also, wall jumps are automatic when you're near a wall, maybe change it so it only activates when you're moving against the wall? Last thing, walljumps don't disable your second jump (i.e. they don't "cost" a jump), but if you have no jumps left (i.e. already doublejumped), you can't walljump any more. Don't mind my flood of suggestions, your engine is solid and fun to toy with.





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