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Ninja: Party IMPACT!! controls demo
Author: Petter Submitted: 19th May, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 213

Edited By Petter on 5/20/2009

Edited By Petter on 5/20/2009

This is a brief technical demo of Ninja: Party IMPACT!! made to demonstrate the controls. The game is still in it's really early stages, but since my main goal is to make a platformer with very fluid controls I thought that some feedback would be nice. I mainly want to know about how you guys feel about the button layout, but any comment on the engine etc. is much appreciated!

Move - A and D
Jump - Space
RUN - Right Mouse Button
Attack - Left Mouse Button

Attack while running - 'Slash'
Air Attack - Do a 'Slash' in mid air
Press S while running to Roll (you can't loose health while rolling)

Also, pleas note that almost everything you see in the demo is temporary It's work in progress folks!

Spent the day working on the game and decided to update this build. You are now able to select different color costumes (1-4 buttons, game must be restarted to select a different one) and you can use another weapon (1 and 2 buttons to select)

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Posted by Jon C-B 20th May, 2009

Pretty good but I hate having to press space to jump, it would be better IMO if it was W. It seems like this game would work better with pressing keys than using the mouse too.
Posted by Matthew Wiese 20th May, 2009
Rated :

Very enjoyable demo. Having to jump with space made by finger soar. And those ice cream throwing guys get annoying at certain points. Especially this one at the end of the demo, but he's the one on the higher platform.
Posted by UrbanMonk 20th May, 2009

Arrow keys to move, up to jump, and z and x for attacking and running. Or better yet, just allow players to customize their controls.
Posted by alastair john jack 20th May, 2009

I think running is unnecessary, it's annoying to have to hold down. Either make him slow or fast.
I don't see any benefit to using a mouse, keyboard actions would be much more comfortable.
I did like the animations/movemnt and things though
Posted by Dr. James MD 20th May, 2009

That's alright but there's seemingly no benefit from using mouse controls, if you could add gesture control to fight with the sword (up swipe for uppercut, move left/right fast to do some kind of whirlwind attack, that would be good). I say stick with the keyboard.
Posted by Petter 20th May, 2009

Thanks for the feedback! It seems pretty obvious that people want customizable controls so I guess I should include that Am I the only one that really likes this layout though? People who are used to playing FPS-games on PC should find it pretty comfortable (like me )!

Oh, and if you liked the demo be sure to watch the project page! What you saw in this demo was a "testing room" I use to implement and test all of the games many features. I'm going to release more builds as I make substantial upgrades and I always appreciate feedback
Posted by Lazernaut 20th May, 2009

Very enjoyable. It showed that it was a demo, but that's alright. I thought it was quite fun. One thing that annoyed me slightly is that there were no stationary attacks - all attacks involve moving the character.
Posted by Dr. James MD 21st May, 2009

I play a lot of FPS (15 hours a week on L4D) but the controls didn't set well for me.
Posted by AndyUK 21st May, 2009

I didn't like the way wall jumps launch you flying a million miles per hour. I can see a lot of unavoidable dying being caused by that.






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