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Motion Screenshot
Author: CodeCannon Submitted: 14th July, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 171

A small, simple utility to help you take motion-blurred screenshots of your games. Works best with MMF2 games, where you can pause and step through your game easily.

1. Choose your preferred alpha blending ratio using either the scroll bar or the text field.
2. Click the hotkey button and press the key you want to use.
3. Minimise Motion Screenshot and bring your game's window into focus.
4. Pause your game (MMF debugger) and take your first shot with the hotkey.
5. Step through your game a few frames and take another screenshot.
6. Repeat step 5 a couple times.
7. Restore Motion Screenshot's window and click Copy to Clipboard.
8. Paste into your favorite image editor.
9. You now have before you a motion-blurred screenshot of your game!


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Posted by DMT 18th July, 2009

Looks cool.
Posted by The Chris Street 23rd July, 2009
Rated :

A clever idea I guess, but if you have to paste it into your favourite image editor - mine being Photoshop - it negates the point since I could blur it in Photoshop with the click of a button.

For those without any program like that, I guess it could be useful... but why would you want to motion blur a screenshot anyway?





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