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Digger (WIP - beta test)
Author: Matthew Wiese Submitted: 17th July, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 59

--Digger is in the works--
-Name is not final-


Digger is a game in which you dig through blocks within the level to trap enemies and to find a exit. I dug the old fossil up from my hard drive and worked a bit with it. I want to know what everyone thinks about it, and if the idea is good. Yes, I know, my graphics suck, but I can't draw that well on the computer.



W - jump (Note: you can double jump)
A + D - move
G - dig
R- restart game


You must find a way to the exit, and in the case of this demo, pull a lever to lower a shielding door so it's possible to exit the level. The brown blocks are destructible as they are dirt, the gray ones are metal, and your shovel is not strong enough to break them yet. The small round-ish enemies are Wiblets. (Wiblet for one) They are native creatures that inhabit the mines your miner is trapped in. They have very small pricks all over their skin, which are nearly invisible. That is why if you touch one you lose a life, as they are barbed and can tear clothing and flesh. Your objective is to pull the lever (by touching it) and to get to the "W" pipe to ride an elavator to get closer to the surface.


Critique and suggestions are extremely appreciated!

Take care

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Posted by Jon Lambert 17th July, 2009

Rather short, even for an engine test.
Posted by OMC 18th July, 2009

I found it surprisingly difficult at first. Because once you've dug yourself down, you can't dig left or right, so my stairstep plan failed. When you dig directly over the hole with the key you can't jump back out, so you've got to resort to digging a hole that's two blocks wide, and halfway down, switching to one block wide. I think a game full of this without changing something could get quite frustrating.

Especially if the enemies could hurt you. o_o

But I liked the charm of the graphics! Something just needs tweaked...
Comment edited by OldManClayton on 7/18/2009
Posted by erghhhhx 18th July, 2009

Had the same problem as you, OMC, until I realized you can double-jump.
Posted by OMC 18th July, 2009

Yep, what I wrote includes use of the double jump.
Posted by DMT 18th July, 2009

Take out the enemies, better background+restart button and this could be a really fun game. Like where you have to actually think!
(A.K.A. Puzzle game)
Posted by Matthew Wiese 18th July, 2009

Thanks for the ideas, I just found this and though it could work. So I'll keep adding stuff to it.

@OMC You can't dig left or right, so you have to plan ahead.

@DMT there is a restart button if you read the instructions. (-_-) "R"

I added the enemies because they bounce off the dirt blocks. So you have to work harder to dig a pit to get them trapped into.

EDIT: I've made some changes and feel real good about it, even though they aren't drastic. And I'm keeping the enemies as I think they add to the challenge.
Comment edited by Matthew Wiese on 7/18/2009
Comment edited by Matthew Wiese on 7/18/2009
Posted by [DELETED] 19th July, 2009
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I like the concept, enemies probably don't need to spawn that often otherwise when they build up you have absolutely no chance of trying to dig them deeper to get them out of the way (if you could die, which I wasn't able to). As OMC said, you can dig yourself too deep with no possible way out. You can only jump up 3 blocks, meaning you can only dig yourself six blocks down if your top hole is two blocks wide .. meaning you need to totally crater the field to get any depth. Which leaves it wide open for the lemmings-like enemies to enter.

Is it really meant to dig 2 blocks at the same time if you are in a slightly to the left/right position on top of a block? Perhaps you need better detection of blocks below you.

Obviously it was extremely short. Keep working on it, it's a good start and it would be nice to see another version
Posted by Matthew Wiese 19th July, 2009

Thanks for the comment jthongbai. Yeah I just fixed the detection system so it doesn't dig 2 blocks at a time. I have also implemented a digging system with directions. But the blocks don't fall if there aren't any under them, so you can build tunnels to trap Wiblets (trying to think up a better name) or to help you escape. It adds a whole new element to the puzzle solving you will need.
Posted by DMT 20th July, 2009

No directional digging! Original concept was good!
Posted by [DELETED] 20th July, 2009
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I think limiting the direction of digging will really hinder difficulty increases with puzzles. Allowing more directions for digging will really add a lot more to possibilities with puzzle designs.
Posted by DMT 21st July, 2009

He's probably right, but I'm afriad it might be too easy.





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