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Author: Matthew Wiese Submitted: 10th November, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 38

For Open Source Month!

Hey all! I made this game so I can contribute to Open Source Month. I know I've been away for a while, so I'm sorry about that. This is my first game in a while.

In Libble you control a little guy (called Libble) and you try to collect fruit. You almost must avoid rotten black fruit. You must collect red and blue fruit to increase your score. Here are the controls:

A+D: Move left and right
Left click: Destroy red fruit + 1 point
Right click: Destroy blue fruit + 1 point

If Libble is liked enough, I may add more to it. The game doesn't currently have highscores, either game-side or online. (Because I don't know how to) But if I get enough encouragement, I might be willing to learn, or have some help me.

Oh and my birthday was on the 6th!

~ Matt

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Posted by UrbanMonk 10th November, 2009

Happy Birthday. Game looks a bit boring though.
Posted by Rikus 10th November, 2009

Hey Matt, I wont make a full blown review with this, but I did play it! While I like the concept of both trying to avoid the black fruits while using your mouse to click on the correct fruits and gain points, the game really needs some cool sound effects and music and maybe some animations when you click a fruit. Also some more enemies other then the black fruits since otherwise it gets really repetitive after a short while. So you got the beginning of a fun concept but it needs some more work for people to enjoy it more.
Posted by Matthew Wiese 11th November, 2009

Thanks for the happy birthday UB. And thanks for the suggestions, I get right to that. I just felt like if I didn't submit anything this week, I wouldn't have any time left the other weeks in this month.





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