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The Journey of Mikko 4
Author: Gokotti Submitted: 2nd September, 2009 Favourites:1
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 271

Edited By Gokotti on 3/4/2014

Edited By Mikko Kokotti on 9/2/2009

The first international release of a small circle classic Mikon Matka (translated: The Journey of Mikko)! The series has it's roots in the golden age of click games! Though the game is a MMf2 production, it tries to nail the feel that made klik games so fun ten years ago!

Alien ships!

We've got it all!

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Posted by Matthew Wiese 3rd September, 2009
Rated :

Pretty fun actually, a few problems here and there, but for the most part very enjoyable.
Posted by Gokotti 8th September, 2009

Nice that someone enjoy. Not had as many downloads as BB had, and that's weird.
Posted by Rikus 12th September, 2009
Rated :

I put it on the front page for you Mikko, I think it was overlooked! Great game!
Posted by alastair john jack 12th September, 2009
Rated :

Fairly humurous game I must say, quite amusing/enjoyable.
I liked using the shotgun the most, quite satisfying - even if they didn't quite die fast enough for my taste.
Posted by DMT 12th September, 2009

Oh yeah, I was going to play this but forgot, thanks for reminding me Rikus!
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 13th September, 2009
Rated :

After spending far too long picking away at the alien in the floating pod with the turtle-guy, I was easily killed in his "death throes" bombing spree. If the turtle-guy could do a reasonable amount of damage, then this would've been a fair fight. But there was no way to beat the alien at that point. Not fair in a big, big way.
Posted by Gokotti 14th September, 2009

The game has a warning in it's readme file, that it might be difficult and frustrating. But I don't think it's that unfair.
Posted by Kamukoira 16th September, 2009
Rated :

A nice game indeed. Especially liked the humour.
Posted by Gokotti 23rd September, 2009

Woot! 100 downloads!
Posted by Va1entine 17th October, 2009
Rated :

Good fun, love the shotgun animation and sound effect you;ve really nailed that! The bike animation is cool too! Good job!!!
Posted by david rasorogiev 15th August, 2010

The download link is dead...
Posted by Gokotti 4th March, 2014

Download works again...





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