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Author: Ridder Florian Submitted: 23rd September, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 104

Edited By Ridder Florian on 9/23/2009

Edited By Ridder Florian on 9/23/2009


This is my first post and also my first game (sort of).
It's still just an alpha but I'd like to see what people think and get some feedback C:.
Controls are as followed:

Move = Arrows
Shoot = Z
Grabber = X
Restart = R
quit = Esc

You can use the grabber to deflect bullets and you gotta hit the enemy in the "eye". One enemy so far.


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Posted by nim 24th September, 2009

Welcome! It's a good start. I'm sure pairing the enemy "eye" with each ship was a pain if you're new to this. I think the player ship is a little too big; if it were small enough to _just_ fit between enemy shots then there would be an extra level of skill in there.
Posted by Va1entine 27th September, 2009

Interesting stuff,love the sound effects & the claw!
Posted by Ridder Florian 27th September, 2009

Thanks for the comments! The pairing of the eye went okay, my coding is a mess but it works C: . I'm gonna implement that you can grab enemies and take over their ship, so you can grab big or small ones with different abilities. So the size of the ship is probably okay. The enemy I made so far is more of a special enemy you encounter once in a salvo, just threw in a couple to test it out Image.
Comment edited by Ridder Florian on 9/28/2009
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 27th September, 2009

I really love the graphical style together with the name! 80's!

By the by, what's up with the name anyway? Is it your creation or does it mean something? I can imagine it's something like "flyer", "pilot" or "plane", maybe in dutch or german or something? Just an idea.
Comment edited by Eternal Man [EE] on 9/27/2009
Posted by erghhhhx 27th September, 2009

I think it means "flyer", but WTH do I know?
Posted by Ridder Florian 27th September, 2009

Yeah it's "Flyer" in dutch!
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 27th September, 2009

Great choice of name! Truly great!





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