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Stanley in Slumberland 2012 Demo
Author: Ridder Florian Submitted: 10th March, 2012 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 85

Hey fellow clickers!

This is a demo of the game called Stanley in Slumberland. I released a demo of this game all the way back in 2009.

After small adjustments each week and remaking the engine several times I now give you the new version. It's got improved controls, enemies, sprites and just about everything!

I'd like to thank everyone on this site that helped me with suggestions on the game and with the coding.

The game will teach you the controls, so you can just download it and play!


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Posted by Chris Burrows 13th March, 2012

Very nice!

I like the spider boss fight. Although there was a bug the first time I got there. When I reached the centre of the screen, movement was disabled (to allow for the spider to drop down I presume) but then never restored and I was powerless to fight the spider and her minions. The next coupled of times I played it, there was no problem.

The scrolling (and everything is for that matter) is smooth too and flows well. Good job.
Posted by Carnivorous id 15th March, 2012

Cool game! Really enjoyed the demo.

Posted by nim 18th March, 2012
Rated :

Really enjoyed this! Nice engine and retro feel. I liked the boss too. Good pacing and didn't feel too easy or hard. I hope you keep working on it!
Posted by Alonso Martin 23rd March, 2012

I also enjoyed the game I don't completely understand why the character must levitate, since the level design seems to be made for a character that should jump his way through it. However, it's likely the case that the reason isn't apparent yet because this is just a demo. I'll enjoy playing more of it!
Posted by Ridder Florian 24th March, 2012

Thanks for the comments everyone! Now that the first couple of levels are done the game should progress smoothely. There's going to be alot of bosses and different enemies to code though!





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