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Mercenary 2: Demo
Author: Sean Mich Adams 2 Submitted: 25th September, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 199

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Edited By Sean Mich Adams 2 on 9/25/2009

The year is 1939, the place is hostile Poland, and WWII has just erupted. Now is your chance to join the resistance as an Allied sniper. Mercenary is a find-and-destroy type game, where the mission is to foil Nazi plans: comb the battlefield for the enemy, observe movement patterns, and watch your ammunition!

After the passing away of the co-creator of this game in 2006 (matt k), I have decided to re-release this game due to the inability to currently download it. I have now decided to continue on with this project as well as AI sports 2.

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Posted by Aden 26th September, 2009
Rated :

hmm the ideas good but...
the reload takes to long it made me fail the first mission plenty of time
the gun jammed hmm thats annoying
needs work
Posted by Spitznagl 26th September, 2009
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Aden is right. I can't even get past the first level. If you want to keep the reload as an important element of the difficulty, why not make the player reload manualy (through a key sequence, mouse movements or whatever). This way, you would keep the player busy and with some practice, it wouldn't take that long to reload.

Another thing; the dither effect on the sight looks awful. You should consider semi-transparency. It would also be nice if we could see the background outside of the sight, but darker(without the enemies of course).

That being said, the concept is quite addictive
Comment edited by ::SPITZNAGL:: on 9/26/2009
Posted by 0ko 26th September, 2009
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First off : the graphics are excellent and it has very fun gameplay.

Be sure to check "play sounds over frames" in the application options so your menu music doesn't restart every time you go to a new frame.

And... like Aden said the reloading takes too long and gun jam just makes me angryImage!

Is the inaccuracy intentional? because even when the center of the scope is directly over the enemy and the enemy is moving the bullet just goes right behind him(I actually see a bullet hole right were the bullet should have hit him after he moves away) which can be VERY annoying as it happened to me A LOT.

Forgot to add : People tend not to like installers, EXE all the way.
Comment edited by 0ko on 9/26/2009
Posted by Sean Mich Adams 2 26th September, 2009

Thanks for all of these comments. This demo was originally finished in 2002. With my friend doing the majority of the work and improvements in 2003 getting the game to near completion and I believe he sorted out the reload time and had made a few changes. Unfortunately he passed away in 2006. So with that all of the game progress was lost. I have know found some of the data and released what i had and will build on any other information based on your suggestions. However due to the fact that it is only me working on this project and one other. It may take me a while to complete.
So keep the comments coming Thanks
Posted by Callebo 27th September, 2009
Rated :

I'm sorry to hear that, Sean.
The game is pretty good. Spitznagls idea about the manual reloading sounds pretty neat, try that!
Posted by Marko 27th September, 2009
Rated :

That is sad to hear about your friend's passing

The game though is very good, i liked it alot. I have to agree with most of the above, with the exception of the fact that i like the fact i can't see much of the level, i like the gun jamming thing and the exceptionally high difficulty is great - i still can't do the first level, but i am hooked all the same!

I would love to have played the final version, and to be honest i would bloody pay to play it too!
Posted by nick_peoples 5th January, 2010

yea the game is great, but i cant beat level 1 either!
id also sudjest adding upgrades or something simmilar to the game





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