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AI Sports
Author: Sean Mich Adams 2 Submitted: 16th October, 2009 Favourites:2
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Edited By Sean Mich Adams 2 on 10/19/2009

Edited By Sean Mich Adams 2 on 10/19/2009

AI Sports is a 2D football game involving Robots and clever AI. It can be played by 1 or 2 players simultaneously.
AI sports features a 5 minute match, where each team must try to score the most goals. Each team consists of 6 Robots (2 Defenders,1 Midfielder, 1 Goaly and 2 Strikers).
Its Cup mode can be completed single player or co-op. It was designed to be just a fun little game, and is an easy game to pick up and play or play with your friends.

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Posted by 3kliksphilip 20th October, 2009
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I like the ladder feature and I really like the AI. I've never seen more convincing AI made in a klik football game. Well done. I don't like the way that you spend ages lining up a shot, only to get glitched on something. I also didn't find it that fun. My team seemed to perform just as well with out me... much like in real football. Your AI programming is superb, I suggest you put it to better use than a football game based on racing movement. I just didn't find that there was much to do in the game.
Posted by -Nick- 20th October, 2009
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I agree with 3kliksphilip.

The AI was convincing and seemed very well made. The main problem was that the team members didn't really need collisions with each other, this just made it quite sticky to move around.

Football isn't really my thing, so i got bored before the end of the first match. You can certainly put your skills into something unique and impressive!
Posted by Sean Mich Adams 2 20th October, 2009

Thanks, the main purpose of this game was to create some good ai and just tried to make it fun and something you can play with your friends.





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