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Ultimate Lame Ship Game V13 Alpha 33g
Author: MongMaster Submitted: 8th October, 2009 Favourites:3
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 161

Edited By MongMaster on 10/8/2009

You are a member of the 3l33t Ultimate Lame Ship squadron, and the universe needs YOU to defend the... um... universe! Jump into the cockpit of your Ultimate Lame Ship and defend the universe against the Failiens in this crazy Shoot 'Em Up! With the assistance of many ridiculous power-ups and special modules, you must score one quadrillion points to attract the Failien Overlord's attention!

- Intense, pick up and play sidescrolling action!
- One heck of a unique game experience!
- Ridiculous scoring, currently up to one quadrillion!
- Many useful and crazy powerups, ranging from Quad Damage to Invincibility, and from Cillit Bang to the almighty S.P.A.R.T.A Drone!
- New ships, modules and upgrades to purchase in the Intergalactic Mall!
- 86 Achievements to earn! (so far!)
- 22 unlockable items! (more to come!)
- 9 unlockable Challenges! (more to come!)
- Many game elements inspired by various Internet phenomenons and other classic games, such as Earthworm Jim and Killer Instinct!
- And much more to come...

Although I've gone over the code many times and playtested it a LOT, it's still an Alpha version, so there may be a couple of bugs that slipped through the net, but probably nothing gigantic. There will also be some things missing, such as the Multiplayer mode and several Achievements, and there'll be things that I need/want to change, too.

In-depth instructions are included in the game, and I'd suggest you read those, as there are quite a few special techniques to earn extra points and become super-awesome. But, just in case you can't be bothered, here's the basics:

Arrow keys - Move
CTRL - Fire (Usually there's no autofire - that would make it way too easy. If you pick up Rapid Fire or Cillit Bang, you can hold down the key for the duration of the powerup. )
Space - Nuke
Shift - Fire Choclit Ray (When Charged)
Z - View all status bars and counters

To enter the Resupply Ship, hold "Z" and fly inbetween its engines. (I'm gonna be updating the Resupply Window soon, as it's admittedly not that "nice" to use.)

To win, destroy everything flying towards you, pick up loads of multipliers, and don't crash too much.

Comments, criticism, suggestions or ideas are all welcomed! Don't forget to check out my project page if you want to keep up to date!

You go enjoy now.

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Posted by UrbanMonk 9th October, 2009
Rated :

Pretty awesome! I was somehow addicted even though the enemy movement patterns were non-existent. I'll also ignore the fact that most all the graphics came from the mmf library.

You have a good game here. It just needs some polish and better enemy movements. Fix the intro video, it jumps around a bit when loading and ending.

Since you stole music from Jets'n'Guns I'll assume you were inspired by it too!
Posted by MongMaster 9th October, 2009

Thanks! Yeah, sorry about all the library graphics. I never expected the game to come this far, so I never really paid much attention to the graphics. Besides, I'm no artist. I'll see what I can do about the intro and the enemy movements, though.
And yup, Jets 'n' Guns was huge inspiration for me!
Posted by Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) 10th October, 2009
Rated :

This game is friggin' awesome. It's so fun and random to see all those internet meme's n_n

Keep up the good work!
Posted by Marko 10th October, 2009
Rated :

I think this is bloody awesome - loads of random fun!! The achievements are a great idea, love the extra game modes and the hi-score table is a great addition since competition is fun!

The only annoyance i had was the fact that you had to keep skipping the intro everytime you went back to main menu, but that was all.
Posted by MongMaster 10th October, 2009

Thanks for the comments guys - glad you enjoyed it!

Skipping the intro is second nature to me now, so I never realised how annoying it was. I'll fix it.
Posted by Richard Feldhahn 15th October, 2009
Rated :

Great game!!
Posted by Deshar 21st October, 2009
Rated :

Hi Mongz, just downloading the latest version to see if it's more fun then the last version.
The file size is abit big but I know you're working on it.





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