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Ultimate Lame Ship Game: Overdrive
Author: MongMaster Submitted: 1st February, 2011 Favourites:1
Genre: Action Downloads: 171

Edited By MongMaster on 2/1/2011

Edited By MongMaster on 2/1/2011

Edited By MongMaster on 2/1/2011

Well, long story short, I thought I'd try taking one of the challenges out of ULSG and seeing what I could do with it over a weekend.

And here's the result: ULSG Overdrive! Just like The Game, you can't win, so to prevent yourself from losing, use the arrow keys to dodge the incoming ships. You can earn a Near Miss bonus by getting close to an enemy ship, and earn even more points by chaining Near Misses together in quick succession.

If you crash twice, you are loser. ULSG: Overdrive also got equipped with a shiny high score table, so you can try beating your friends or enemies' scores!

So go ahead, try it out, have fun, and see if you can get the Developer Medal! Any suggestions are welcome, too.

PS: I was hoping to export this to Flash, but I went a bit overboard and it ended up not being compatible with Flash at all. It tested my PHP skillz, though!

Oh, also, your firewall might throw a warning in your face the first time you start a game because of the high score table. Just tell it to go away.

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Posted by Sgamer8t88 2nd February, 2011
Rated :

Whoo! World record holder....for now. Can't wait for the full game.
Posted by Resident-Pyromaniac 3rd February, 2011

Hmm.. close call bonuses? sounds a lot like pudded.
Posted by MongMaster 3rd February, 2011

@Sgamer8t88: Hehe, nice score, you'll probably be up there for a while. Glad you're looking forward to it.

@Resident-Pyromaniac: Yeah, the near miss bonuses are quite similar to Pudded's close call mechanic. I just thought it'd be better to have a system that didn't rate you purely based on distance.





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