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Silhouette Preview
Author: Eternal Man [EE] Submitted: 27th October, 2009 Favourites:4
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 496
84th Place     (4.33 / 5)

Edited By Eternal Man [EE] on 12/29/2009

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Edited By Eternal Man [EE] on 11/3/2009

This game was made for the Klikcast Halloween Compo 09.

The game is an atmospheric platform exploration game inspired by creations such as Another World.

This is only a preview, but there is still quite a bit to do and explore.

To visit the project page for Silhouette, simply follow this link-->


"The setting of this story I am about to tell you,
is the wild and rugged nature of a small country
overseen by the mother of our lands.
She has many names...

The Czech and Slovak call her Karpaty.
The Romanian Carpaţi.
And our Hungarian friends know her as Kárpátok.

But beware if you seek to be her lover,
for her shadow looms foreboding on all who would visit her in the night.
Though if you are intent on going, like the one I am about to tell you of,
know that the dark may play you tricks under the glare of the moon.
And be sure to bring her a gift worthy of queens,
or else she might take from you something even more valuable..."


"The one in my story, is a man set on accomplishing a task.
What task you say?
I can't tell you that now, it would spoil the story.
However, I can tell you that he set out in the middle
of the night after seeing a loved one.
What might he have been told?
That is the interesting part of this story.
So now, let us begin..."


You control the main character with the arrow keys, shift and control.
However, the controls can be changed by pressing Ctrl+Y.
-Move around with the left and right arrow key.
-Crouch by pressing and holding down arrow key.

Note: You can climb low obstacles by simply holding the corresponding arrow key
when next to it.

-Perform a long jump by pressing shift when standing still.
-Perform a running jump by pressing shift while running.
-Perform a high jump by pressing shift while holding up arrow key when standing still.

Note: Use long jumps for precision and running jumps for distance. You can alter the distance
traversed with the running jump by altering your speed before jumping.
Also, remember that it is a greater chance of landing on your feet from a jump rather than
from just walking off edges.

-Grab on to ledges by holding up arrow key while jumping. If the main characters hands
are close to an edge he will grab on to it and climb up.

Note: When you have grabbed an edge during a long- or running jump, hold arrow key down
to drop down instead of climbing up.

-Stab with your knife by pressing control when standing still. You can also stab while crouching.

Note: Your knife is not only a weapon, it can also be used as a tool in certain situations.
Try experimenting with it if you get stuck.

-If fate might have you meet your doom you will be returned to the last checkpoint when you press
any key after a few seconds.

Note: Explore! You have an infinite amount of retries, so search high and low to find your way and
advance if you get stuck.


Eternal Entertainment 2009

Concept, Graphics and Programming: Fredrik Jardsell
Music: Joel Fahlberg
Sound effects: Joel Fahlberg, Fredrik Jardsell, Joakim Widell
Visionary work: Fredrik Jardsell, Joel Fahlberg, Lars Mċrdenkrans
Ideas, Input and Understanding: Annah Bodlund <3

There are a few known bugs, so please report if you find any and please! Do share thoughts and comments!


On demand, a windowed version for you who can't play the fullscreen version. Yay! Windowed

If you have already downloaded the 10 meg zip you can
just download the patch using this link; Patch

The main download is already patched.

NOTE: You can now skip the intro with either of the player 1 buttons.

Review This Download

 (10,7mb )

Posted by Assault Andy 27th October, 2009
Rated :

I really really like the engine. The movement and general feel are very good. It reminded me of a DOS game from the 90s but I'm not sure which one. Something similar to Abe's Oddessy I guess.

However I think the game was just too hard. I gave up after the first fight with the wolf. I didn't know what to do and it didn't die even after I stabbed it. I only managed to stab it once after about 15 attempts.

I am also going to criticize the level design because the gameplay is basically: Run towards next screen > die > avoid death next time > repeat. I can't think of any suggestions to improve upon this. I know the graphics are 'stylized', which is cool, but it limits how much detail you can put into the scenes - such as hints like 'cracked floors'. You can't tell what to avoid until you die from it. You're obviously a talented animator so maybe you could consider adding a few more colours?

I also think that there needs to be better recognition/less sensitivity for ledge grabbing because you have to be pretty spot on to grab a ledge.

I do like this game and I think it has a lot of potential, but please consider the gameplay elements that I have addressed.
Posted by Hempuli 27th October, 2009

Looks amazing! I really like the Out of This World-esque graphics!

Otherwise I agree with Assault Andy; the game may get quite tedious because of it's die->load->die nature.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 27th October, 2009

Good c.crit!
Will release a patch later today which adresses said problems i.e wolf, hints and sensitivity.
Thanks and glad you liked it!


EDIT: Patched! The dl is Patch
Comment edited by Eternal Man [EE] on 10/27/2009
Posted by erghhhhx 28th October, 2009

I agree with AA.
And why can't I skip the (long) intro?

And wolf is still way too hard (+it's kinda' annoying to "respawn" right at the wolf-scene every time)

Other than that, this is fantastic. I mean really fantastic. I love it.
Posted by Assault Andy 28th October, 2009
Rated :

Thank you for listening to my suggestions! The patched version is better I think. I managed to kill the wolf but I didn't know what to do when I got to the field of spikes. Unless that's the end?

I also agree with Glasskatten that the intro should be skippable (at least after the player has watched it once before.)

Keep up the good work.
Posted by Callebo 28th October, 2009

I can't make it through the third screen, the one with two holes you have to jump over, then jump onto two platforms.
I just can't reach the second platform, no matter how hard I try. The character always seem to jump too low.
I really want to continue playing this! Halp!
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 28th October, 2009

Glasskatten/icecream-kitty?): Good point on the intro, hadn't even thought about that! Will be changed in the next patch. And the wolf, due to time constraint isn't even near what I wanted initially. But there are still two solid ways of beating it.

1.) Just wait standing and time your stab correctly and you'll get it before it even reaches you for the first time!

2.) This is somewhat trickier. Run a bit to the left and at the moment the wolf jumps you, quickly crouch! That will cause the wolf to pass over your head and give you a window of opportunity to quickly stab it!

AA: No, thank you for giving them!
And at the screen after the wolf (the one you respawn in) there is some vegetation at the top of the screen that hints on how to proceed. Though after some thought I realize that it's too vague a hint really. Will have that in mind for the next patch! And you will know when you're at the end after you reach it!

Callebo: That is because he really does jump to low, hold 'up arrow' when nearing the second platform and the character will automatically grab the edge of it when in the right position.

And I want to thank all of you for your input! This entire project (gfx-engine-sounds-everything) has only been in production for seven days, so it has been very easy to miss bugs/unfair elements/details etc. So your objective opinions is worth gold to me since I want to make the best game I can. Please continue to share thoughts and idea's, because I really do listen to them!

If you are interested in this project in any way I encourage you to visit the project page for it and continue to share thoughts and ideas trough-out the development process. Link-->

I'll continue to make one or two patches for the preview until I've fixed what needs fixing, after that the real development process continues!
Posted by Simon Czentnár 28th October, 2009
Rated :

Really nice work!
Posted by erghhhhx 29th October, 2009


Yup. :}
Posted by Kamukoira 30th October, 2009
Rated :

The best competition game imo. It reminds me of Abe Odyssee games which were my favourites when I was a little boy.

Nice atmosphere, graphics and puzzles.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 30th October, 2009

Thanks! Glad you like it!
Posted by Gokotti 31st October, 2009
Rated :

Awesome prince of persia clone.
Nice graphs, sounds and gameplay.
One bug spoiled the whole game experience. You can get stuck in random places and then it's time for some good old F2. :/
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 2nd November, 2009

Final patch released!
This one contains a whole lot of new things, most remarkble is the entirely new environment added as can be seen in the new screenshot (the fifth).

And as per request! The intro is now skippable! Jump for joy all you F2'ers!
Posted by Tomssuli 2nd November, 2009

Nice stuff. I like the animations and controls. At last someone makes a game like Another World = )
Posted by alastair john jack 2nd November, 2009
Rated :

First thing I must say is, I really enjoyed the graphics, animation and sound.

Falling and breaking things felt great (except breaking my flesh on spikes ). Most jumps require extremely fine precision, which is both okay and frustrating since it requires skill/timing, but obviously the feeling of accomplishment was great when you finally figure how to overcome things.

Although eventually, somewhere after the first wolf fight, you don't get the redeeming pits of death as much - nooo.. you get backtracking!! argh.
This is eventually what lead me to giving up, having to run through various challenges that I had already overcome, since it was almost inevitable that I'd continue to fail the jumps and have to repeat the earlier challenges that I'd already felt like I'd completed.

I'm not sure if this was intended or not, but holding Right/Left + Up at the same time while you press Shift to try and jump does not register as a jump - which was sometimes frustrating since a lot of the jumps require me to be heading to the right/left and then latch onto something above me, but it's fair enough if you wanted the mechanics to function this way.

The wolf scared me though, but thankfully my knife skills are awesome.

The challenge was designed well at times and was quite satisfying to begin to master, but the backtracking was just frustrating (I'm not sure if this backtracking remains throughout the rest of the game, but my patience wore thin).

I had an issue with your colouring, the foreground had less saturation and intensity and didn't really feel like it was the foreground since usually the opposite is true (I think anyway).
I thought it may have been better if the foreground colour was swapped with the cave background colour, example:


Overall, a very well made game that I enjoyed over many other games on this site.
Posted by Gobushi San 2nd November, 2009
Rated :

very difficult and some bug in the mouvement engine. nice!
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 2nd November, 2009

Thank you all for commenting! I'm very glad that you liked it! Now for some comments.

Beta-testers are the conscience of the developer, they confront you with problems and ask for your reply. In this particular case, mr. Alastair Lego-knight is my bad conscience. I knew that the level design could involve some backtracking, and this is solely because of slacking from my part.
You see, one game-mechanic wasn't implented in the preview, for several reasons. And that is a fatal height, from which you won't survive a fall.
And because I actually do know that this can cause some horrible backtracking, I've decided to, even though this was supposed to be the final, make a patch TONIGHT which includes this.

So keep your eyes open for it! And thank you mr. Knight for convincing me that it sometimes is important to die!

Thank you also for drawing my attention to the fact that the controls behave peculiar, this has to be due to using the "player 1"-controls rather than keyboard input. I'm gonna check that out too and hopefully it'll be fixed in the patch.

And the coloring issue was very interesting! I won't change this for the preview, but I have been pondering how to "up" the graphics for some time. So expect to see a change in the final game!

Thanks again for all your comments and thoughts!

Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 3rd November, 2009

Patched with Patch 03!

Now the control bug is no longer present, and watch that neck when falling from heights! >___<

Hopefully, that was the last preview patch, but I think I shouldn't jinx it...

Thanks for all your suggestions and help!

The patch can be downloaded from here; Patch

The main download is already patched!



EDIT: Ahem, just updated the patch YET AGAIN, but the only fix was that now you can respawn after dying by pressing button 1 or 2 on the joypad when using it, so you don't have to press a key on the keyboard.
Comment edited by Eternal Man [EE] on 11/3/2009
Posted by Introversity 4th November, 2009
Rated :

Lots of potential.

What people don't seem to realise is that the:

die>load>die a bit later>load>die a bit later>load>finish

is the gameplay. It's not meant to be:

start game>never die because all traps flash neon and wolves take 5 hits to kill you>finish game.

Also, the ending is EPIC!
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 4th November, 2009

Haha, thank you very much!
Posted by breadbeard 5th November, 2009
Rated :

Excellent! The atmosphere and mood in this game are legendary. I enjoyed the wolf fight and thought the timed combat to be both realistic and enjoyable.
One suggestion I always have for click games is to offer a widescreen option so the gfx don't get stretched - I would have liked to see the moon be a circle instead of an oval.
The end was interesting... when it flashed red I was not sure if I had died or if I was transforming... hmmm. One color not used was a green flash...
I also think this game could work well on a mobile platform... perhaps Android... the controls, gfx,and gameplay are well suited for mobile devices.
Like many others one this site, I am dying for more - like 10 hours more... and then some more after that
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 8th November, 2009

Thanks for the great comment! I'm happy you enjoyed it so much! It would be interesting if I could find a way to add support for widescreen in the game, though I'm not sure exactly how I would go about it. But I promise I'll look into it!

It would be great to see it on a mobile platform!

Nice to hear you want more, you'll sure have it, though maybe not 10 hours...

Posted by Chimera II [EE] 9th November, 2009

I would like to thank everyone for their comments as well. They make the whole process much more enjoyable
Also feel free to comment on the Audio/music-aspects of the game, there is need for feedback in that departement too

/The music guy
Posted by W3R3W00F 17th November, 2009
Rated :

First off, I thought you truly hit the nail on the head graphics and atmosphere wise. Though it was at first quite hard and I assume I must have died at least 50+ times including trying to stab the wolf at the right time I got the hang of it eventually. The engine is much different from any I've seen on TDC.

This deserves a fave! Great job, keep up the good work!
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 22nd November, 2009

Thanks! Nice to hear you enjoy it!
Posted by Liquixcat 6th December, 2009

I hearby proclaim: "Liquixcat's most anticipated game!"

Your ability to listen to user feedback is this games greatest strength. Although. please do not think EVERY suggestion is a good one. Be weary yet open-minded in a sense .

I have no suggestions as of yet, I will continue to keep an eye on this.

Posted by Chimera II [EE] 12th December, 2009

Good that Image
<br />
We only make changes we feel are suitable, and believe it or not most of the suggestions you guys bring forth are good ones!
Comment edited by Chimera II [EE] on 12/13/2009
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 29th December, 2009

There you go! On demand, a windowed version!
Posted by OMC 29th December, 2009

Woohoo! I got to a screen with a bunch of spikes and figured that it was either the end of the preview or of my ability to figure out where to go.

I'll sound like a broken record here, since everyone else has said it, but faaaaaantastic atmosphere! Very very professional. All the detailed and differing sounds and moody music created a very nice effect. Ignoring everything else about the game, the fluidity of animations (particularly the ledge-hanging one) and the aura this game seems to have alone would be enough to qualify it as great.

For the most part, the engine is solid. The movement is as smooth as the animation. Barely any hiccups, only one odd physics issue. I think once or twice I felt like a running jump was much farther and faster than it had been before, but it may have just been my imagination. The only real thing I found was on the second screen after the bridge. I was able to run up a wall. (This one:

It's definitely difficult, but not quite as infernally frustrating difficult as it is, "Alright already. Let's get on with it, then. I want to keep progressing!" Which hearkens back to what Assault Andy was saying. I usually hate repetitive things like that, but I put up with it for this game, and I have no clue why. Especially after the wolf battle, which was a nice timely break from the platforming. I was expecting it--I even thought, "It's going to be the next frame" but I was still startled into dying the first two times. That help file that you urged me to read is what made it possible for me to beat the wolf without giving up in frustration. You sneaky goober you. The screens are all very much the same, but I wouldn't fault it for that--not just because I like the way it looks, but because it's on to something. My favorite part so far about this whole thing is that it just feels like a real project. It's already good, but you're building on what people bring to the table. Keep up the good work!
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 29th December, 2009

Thanks for the great input!
First off, you haven't reached the end of the preview yet. Search around the area a bit more, and if needed, look to the heavens for the answer... *HINT HINT*

Secondely, that wall-bug is a known one, I thought I had gotten rid of it, but I must have missed that perticular spot. And about the jumps, I'll be reworking most of the movement engine for the final game, balancing things and such.

Again, thanks for the input!
And go on and make it to the end, you'll probably like it...!

Posted by OMC 29th December, 2009

Hohohoho, I just made it to the end. Creepy blob-headed zombies!

Whoops, spoiled the surprise! I wonder what it could possibly be?



Good work!
Posted by Dr. James MD 31st December, 2009

I think this would play better on a slower framerate. Maybe it's just from playing loads of Flashback and Price of Persia as a kid, but it just seems out of place going so fast and smooth.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 31st December, 2009

That was actually something I thought about doing at first. Like the short intro where he runs out of the frame, a choppy amiga-esque style. The problem with making it that way was that there wasn't an easy way of achieving it in such a short period of time. Though it would be a very cool feature to be able to choose "choppyness" in the future option-screen! Great idea there James!
Posted by OMC 3rd January, 2010

Would setting the framerate lower not duplicate the effect properly?
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 5th January, 2010

Probably, but I don't know of a way to change the framerate in MMF 1.2, does someone else?
Posted by OMC 5th January, 2010

I completely didn't know this was made in MMF 1.2.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 6th January, 2010

Ha ha, well it is anyway!
Posted by Fordom 16th October, 2011
Rated :

I did not care for this very much. The graphics don't blend and the gameplay is just bad and boring. Better luck next time!
Posted by Rikus 16th October, 2011
Rated :

I cared for this lots, the graphics blend perfectly, and the gameplay is great and exciting. To counteract the 1 star here is five stars
Posted by Rob Rule 20th October, 2011
Rated :

Yep, here's another to counteract the petty dweeb.





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