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Erryl Spew
Author: selfishflesh Submitted: 28th January, 2010 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 54

Edited By selfishflesh on 3/27/2010

Edit: Added another level, I was bored. Tweaked with the difficulty a bit. Removed the bonus life from everytime you beat a level, now you just have to rely on the pickups. No new enemies as of yet.

Edited By selfishflesh on 1/29/2010

EDIT: For those who abhor installers ->

Hello, this is my first submission and first time working with MMF. Also, this is very much a work in progress with only 3 levels so there are some bugs and also a VERY very minimal amount of sound effects. If anyone has some recommendations as to where I can find some free sound effects from, it would be greatly appreciated.

Anyhow, this is a platformer game in which you try to eat as much as possible and eliminate your foes by vomiting on them to render them helpless (and edible). Classy I know.

Controls are:
Up - Jump
Left & Right - Left & Right
Ctrl - Eat
Shift - Hold to Charge a Puke and release to fire it off

Press shift while ascending in a jump to do a puke flip.

Be careful as you have limited food, some planning is required in your movements. When you run out of food the character will take a dump and you can eat that, with a score penalty of course.

Game also has a local high score list for each level and overall progress. Additionally you can challenge any level you've beaten to perfect your ability at it. (Note that the level list for the high scores is planned and not yet implemented).

Anyhow, I've been slowly putting away at this, so please send any suggestions my way. I've included the entire installation for the download.

Additional Note, when you're injured and flashing, you're invincible for a few seconds but it will go away as soon as you eat, attack or puke jump. Here is some additional stuff I did for this game. Additions are the dookie eating, health pickups, and some enemy reorganization and bug fixes. Also the game saves your campaign progress when you quit (as in press p to pause then q to quit). Enjoy what there is tho, hopefully.

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Posted by kksonwhowho 28th January, 2010
Rated :

I would play it, but like most people, I don't like installers.
Posted by Toadsanime 29th January, 2010

Then why on Earth are you rating it, kkson?

I'm downloading it now, looks alright.
Posted by Asholay 1st April, 2010

"When you run out of food the character will take a dump and you can eat that, with a score penalty of course."

I have to download this, if anything, out of curiosity!





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