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Cannon Ballin'
Author: selfishflesh Submitted: 24th October, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 63

Edited By selfishflesh on 11/2/2010

Cramped keyboard arcade madness! Destructible terrain, and exploding Ninjas! Ninja on foot versus Ninja with cannon. Duck and weave or bomb and blast. Take the base to take control and return dismembering cannon balls.

In the primary battle mode each player commences with 50 lives. Each death as a lone ninja subtracts one life, and losing the base subtracts 10 lives.

Ninjas on foot have the ability to run, jump, and use fuel-limited rocket boots. Random item pickups provide extra fuel, AI backup, and the coveted ninja-log which provides an extra hit.

In the Ninja Slaughter mode players compete to see who can most quickly and efficiently convert ninjas into hamburger. Each shot subtracts a point, each kill gains 10, and letting a ninja into the base subtracts 50 points. First to 250 wins.

Single player modes include Ninja Assault, wherein the player defends against waves of ninja warriors for a place on the highscore table, and Cannon barrage, where the player tries to infiltrate the base as many times as possible within 5 minutes.

Esc quits, F1 brings up instructions and read-me, H is highscore table, F2 to restart and P to pause. Can be played with gamepads, but will slow down if the gamepad has been plugged in or removed partway through (gamemaker bug).

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Posted by Resident-Pyromaniac 23rd January, 2011

You made this in game maker?
Posted by Resident-Pyromaniac 23rd January, 2011

I know from experience how frustrating it can be.
you're good. the game's awesome, but could be improved drastically.





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