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Super Mario Gravity
Author: kksonwhowho Submitted: 13th August, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 110

Edited By kksonwhowho on 8/13/2010

Edited By kksonwhowho on 8/13/2010

Note: This is an abandoned super mario galaxy fan game I made last year that I thought I should upload because it has some pretty decent gameplay. I abandoned this because I got bored of developing it.


Bowser has gained control of the magical gravity wand, an extremely powerful device that can alter the flow of gravity and he plans to use it to rule the world. It's up to you, Mario to collect all of the crystal stars and stop Bowser once again.

Game play

The game is sort of a mix between Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy. You play as Mario and you can use his double and triple jump abilities as well as change the flow of gravity to get to new areas.


Left arrow key - Move left
Right arrow key - Move right
Shift - Jump

(more explained in game)

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 (2.5 mkb )

Posted by HorrendousGames 16th August, 2010

Not too bad for a fan game. The red coin missions were kind of weak, as each time you died, the red coins would reset, which was fine, but after you hit the checkpoint, it puts you in an aukward position. But other than that, it was enjoyable.
Posted by Namon 19th August, 2010

awesome game, maybe some new music would be nice





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