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Tiny Ninja Can't Swim!
Author: butterfingers Submitted: 31st October, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 190

Edited By butterfingers on 11/1/2010

Edited By butterfingers on 11/1/2010

Edited By butterfingers on 10/31/2010

Tiny Ninja Can't Swim is a rock-hard platformer where in each level you must try and reach your sensei.

Wall run, leap, climb etc.

The game has 3 Stages each with 6 levels. Complete each set of 6 to unlock the next stage. Also features awards for perfect runs, and top times.

Theres alot left to do, but I wanna see what people think (this is also, BTW the first MMF2 game I've ever made... although I did have TGF1 back in about 1996).

Have fun. Controls are explained in tutorial, although you should just need arrow keys.

You tube link :
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Posted by Jon C-B 1st November, 2010
Rated :

Fun game. I'm not very good at it but its still a lot of fun. Its a same theres no music though. And it seemed options and awards didnt work when i clicked on them. Its a shame this doesnt have many downloads, i definately enjoyed it.
Posted by Solgryn 2nd November, 2010

Reminds me of meat boy
Posted by butterfingers 2nd November, 2010

Thanks man! This is still pretty early days! I'm making some music, and gradually adding the sounds. I'll do the options and awards once everything else is done.
I'm having a problem at the moment where the the included .ini file doesn't get written on Win7, so it won't save

Haha! SMB is a major influence!
Posted by AugustoAD 2nd February, 2011
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Great game!

You should put on some music.

You should solve the bug that makes the body parts move into screen after it begins.

Well, it's great anyway.





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