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Author: butterfingers Submitted: 3rd January, 2013 Favourites:1
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Edited By butterfingers on 1/8/2013

HACK is a 2D fighting game for one or two players.

It's a bit like rock/paper/scissors with swords.
I wanted to make the fighting Genre super super simple, so Hack doesn't have movement, combos or specials. There are only 4 possible moves that you can do:
Swing, Slash, Stab and block.

Basically, if your opponent does a Stab, you can either block it, which is guaranteed to work, but will mean that you are too slow to retaliate with a new move, or you can perform a Stab too, which is easier to get wrong, but allows you to parry and retaliate with a new move.

The game can be played in a variety of formats, but however you play it, the action is always fast paced, with no health bars, you die instantly if you are hit, losing and arm... or a head...

The current 3 game modes are:

First to 10.
No time limit, just the first person to get to 10 kills.

Kill Streaks.
120 second time limit. The winning player is the player that can achieve the most consecutive kills.

THis is the most kills in 120 seconds, but there is no block. The only way to defend from attacks is to parry, this makes for some hectic exchanges, but for beginners, matches can be short and frustrating!

This is kind of an early prototype, I build the whole game in around 1 day total, so it's rough around the edges. I'd like to add some other features and tidy things up, but I'd really like some feedback from people first!

Thanks and hope you have fun playing!


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Posted by Kai Proton 11th January, 2013
Rated :

Totally ACE!
Had a ton of Fun playing this,

I will keep it for Future Games,

My only problem was, the main menu, on mouse over, needs to change the colour to make it blatantly obvious what option your about to click..
Loved the Style of gfx too..
Posted by Hugo B. 20th January, 2013
Rated :

Great fun playing it, especially when I didn't always directly start with a hit but waited a bit, which lead to longer fights. Also loved the "bad music" option in the options menu.
Posted by Perfeks 25th January, 2013
Rated :

Very simple, but addictive! I also found that the "bad music" was better than the regular one

If you want some suggestions : highlights for the menu, as said before, other death sounds (these were actually good, but repetitive), also the font for the score wasn't displayed like on the screenshot, different difficulty levels for the IA, why not something like 3 hits to kill? that would make the fights a bit longer, there would be more challenge, and the "1,2,3 fight" would come less often, making the game less repetitive. And finally, different characters and/or weapons which provide you more or less hp/speed/damage and not to forget different stages/background etc...

One thing is sure, keep the gameplay as simple as this, focus on making it fun and good-looking!!





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