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Author: PixelRebirth Submitted: 16th January, 2011 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 161

This is a short game I made in a few hours for the Klik of the Month Klub #43 over at Glorious Trainwrecks.

It's a platformer with physics elements, which pokes a little fun at a recently released indie game. I bet you'll notice soon enough...

Use the arrow keys to move and hold S for a special ability when available.

Music was created by Sagal.

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Posted by MasterM 16th January, 2011
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this is the best game ever. great music, great graphics, great engine and impressive if you take in account in what little time it was done.
Comment edited by MasterM on 1/16/2011
Posted by Ski 16th January, 2011

Clearly you lack the imagination, skills or creativity to make anything of your own.

Not sure why you'd make a game to poke fun at Night Sky, it's one of the best indie games Ive played recently. I sense jealousy.
Posted by PixelRebirth 16th January, 2011

And I sense Adam. Try looking up 'parody' on wikipedia.
Posted by Ski 16th January, 2011

Doesn't the world have enough parodies with the likes of Podunkian around?
Posted by ELC_Games 17th January, 2011

I'm sensing quite a bit of defensiveness towards Nifflas, Adam! I love his games too, but I see no harm in a little parody game every now and then.
Posted by Ski 17th January, 2011

Not really, Id probably act defensive over any game that deserved it and had had effort put into it.

And with German slang for 'cock' in the title, I see it as being spiteful rather than a 'harmless bit of fun'
Posted by Sagal 17th January, 2011

Somebody is taking this all too serious it seems, maybe get out of your little hut and see the world?
Posted by Ski 17th January, 2011

What does seeing the world have to do with anything?
Posted by Sagal 17th January, 2011

You would know if you would do it
Posted by Ski 17th January, 2011

I travelled all over the US in October, Switzerland the year before, but that has nothing to do with this.

So why the need to have german slang for cock in the title?
Posted by Sagal 17th January, 2011

It's funny if you don't take it too seriously? And do you always take everything so literally? God it would be awkward talking to you... ehh right... nevermind
Comment edited by Sagal on 1/17/2011
Posted by Ski 17th January, 2011

Why is it funny? What's the target audience? 12 year olds?
Posted by Sagal 17th January, 2011

grandpa talk?
Posted by Hayo 17th January, 2011

Dicks are hilarious!
Posted by W3R3W00F 18th January, 2011
Rated :

Okay, people are taking this way too seriously. I doubt it was intended to offend Nifflas in anyway, but was intended as just a simple poke.

The engine is actually pretty good. It has a few problems, such as when I tried using the windmill I'd sometimes fall through, but other than that it's okay. However, I might add it felt a little slick...

The art... pretty much what NightSky has although slightly less detailed... is fair.

On another note, I agree with -Adam- on this. Private jokes don't appeal to me at all; they just seem to display a lack of maturity. It just didn't do it for me.


"Switzerland the year before,"


Posted by Duncan 18th January, 2011

Himmel is sky. Himmel/pimmel. That's the joke. German expert signing off
Posted by MasterM 18th January, 2011
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Posted by steve 21st January, 2011
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The tree's are well drawn (if you even did them).

Everything else was nasty, including mocking NightSky.

I'm with adam here, I like to think I have a good sense of humour but there wasnt anything funny about this game - except that the admins here deemed it worthy of an upload...

Reminds me of the "ketchup kamel" days here on TDC - when people used to try their hardest to make the shittiest software possible as a joke.






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