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Slasher Boy Halloween Competition Demo
Author: PixelRebirth Submitted: 16th October, 2009 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 414
152nd Place     (3.88 / 5)

Edited By PixelRebirth on 10/19/2009

Edited By PixelRebirth on 10/19/2009

Edited By Rikus on 10/17/2009

This game was made for the Halloween Compo 09!

Well, I managed to compile this at 23:55 (GMT+1). Not that it's really important anymore with the extended deadline, but I really really wanted to get it done on the 16th.

Normally I wouldn't unleash something as sloppy as this upon the public, but I'm glad that I'm done and it's at least playable. I did many last minute changes and have no patience anymore to be honest, haha. I just hope nothing is broken.

But enough of my babbling...


There's trouble in Horror-Land. It's Halloween time on earth, and long-haired asian ghosts are trying to take over and rule the fear in the mind of mankind. Only one brave little boy, a Slasher Boy, stands between them and a new order in the world of horror.


Arrow keys => Move

SHIFT => Jump

CTRL => Attack / harvester hydraulic

Additional Keys:

F5 => toggle sound On/Off

F9 => restart game

ALT+F4 => quit game

Unfortunately there's no music in the game. I created some random SFXR sound effects, which I suggest you turn off.

Special thanks go out to SuperV, who did a bit of testing on this. Also to Lucid who did an amazing job with the SpriteFont object. Thx guys!

Okay, all is said. Enjoy!

I made a walkthrough video for all those who can't beat the game:

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Posted by Ski 17th October, 2009
Rated :

best entry Ive played so far
Posted by AaronKI 17th October, 2009
Rated :

The graphics and engine are amazing, but holy crap is this hard.

I also like the "Western horror movie vs. Eastern horror movie" story.
Posted by Callebo 17th October, 2009

Wow, The graphics are stunning!
But yeah, this game has no mercy! Damn I can't make it through the third screen..! I'll try more tomorrow. Good job!
Posted by AaronKI 17th October, 2009
Rated :

How do you get past the harvester bit? The second time I tried it, I managed to keep it in the middle of the screen and kept the blade pretty high, but I still lost when the green bar ran out.
Posted by Cecilectomy 17th October, 2009
Rated :

no music?

pretty n all but i got bored really fast. best entry so far indeed though.
Posted by erghhhhx 17th October, 2009
Rated :

Agree with cEcil.
Posted by PixelRebirth 17th October, 2009

I guess a little bit of advice is in order indeed for the harvester stage.

You may have figured out that you can die two ways: getting pushed out too far of the screen and running out of energy.

So don't keep pushing CTRL if there are only 2 enemies or less. When you see more incoming, you gotta react fast. Of course it helps memorizing the pattern.

And yes Cecil I know it sucks that there's no music. Too bad I'm really not an audio guy, so I couldn't do it myself. And I didn't want to put something non-original in there. I'll try to get a musician on board for future versions.
Posted by SuperV 18th October, 2009
Rated :

Best entry so far. I did some testing.

Awesome engine and excellent graphics!
Posted by Aden 18th October, 2009

=( i got a direct X error
Posted by PixelRebirth 18th October, 2009

Aden, try updating your DirectX 9. Google for dxwebsetup.exe, download it and let it do its magic.
Posted by Xhunterko 20th October, 2009

Sorry, I can't play it. I got a dx error as well. Except, I have dx10. Perhaps a video?
Posted by PixelRebirth 20th October, 2009

The game uses DirectX 9 in the most recent version (9.0c), so you should update/install it. It doesn't matter if you have dx10 you can still install 9.

And I did already update the description with a video link. Just have a look above.
Posted by Disthron 22nd October, 2009
Rated :

Hi, the graphics are very nice. Did you do them yourself? The platforming also seems very solid from what I've played. However I couldn't get very far this time round. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. The sounds are fine and fit the pixel are quite well but I think it could do with some music.

Also the little effects, rain, rope body, the blood, were all done really well. They looked very nice.
Posted by PixelRebirth 22nd October, 2009

Yes, I made all the graphics myself.
Goes without saying.

And remember in case you're having trouble beating the game, there's always the walkthrough video.
Posted by MasterM 23rd October, 2009

awesome game
with great graphics and very good animations. also wonderful particle effects (the blood) and a nicely engine. only problems are the difficulty and the lack of music otherwise its very nice and shows what contstruct is able to do if you have fixed all directX issues that is
Posted by Arc 25th October, 2009
Rated :

Very entertaining and frustrating at the same time. Took me a couple of 100 tries to beat it but in the end i did. Well done on this one Destiny, even though i almost smashed my laptop in the ground a couple of times, im looking forward to the full game.
Posted by Kamukoira 30th October, 2009
Rated :

Liked the graphics and style but the gameplay was a bit dull and sounds terrible






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