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Little Big Planet 2D Beta
Author: tristanjmnz Submitted: 22nd February, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 360

Edited By tristanjmnz on 6/4/2011

Edited By tristanjmnz on 2/26/2011

*Important: If you get the error “Cannot load Joystick2.mfx” you must download or update directx.*

Little Big Planet 2D is a fanbased game, based off the famous Little Big Planet 1™ and Little Big Planet 2™ by Media Molecule. This was created by Tristan Jimenez, as well as members in Lil’ Big Studios. These members include Hobbers, SackintheBox, Zodemon, BlazefireLP, Gblastman, SlowtheHedgehog.

This is the beta version of Little Big Planet 2D. This is an unfinished product, and is released specifically for feedback and notification of errors in the game. Do not judge this product as the full version, because this is unfinished and is still currently being worked on. The first version of the beta that will be given is version 0.60. There will be several updates of the game that will be made available in the future. The updates will continue being sent out, until this beta reaches version 0.70. At this point the game will no longer be accessible, and i suggest that you uninstall this beta off your computer, because it is now useless. Also, It is necessary to update your application once an update is found to be available. When an update is available re-download the beta. You must download the new
NOTE: You MUST have internet when playing lbp2d.

Remember, If this application/ fan-created game was of your interest, make sure to contact me at telling me of how you want me to continue. The reason i am releasing this open beta, is because of lack of motivation. If you want me to continue, dont hesitate to email me, or even possibly donate on the website, Thank you for downloading the Little Big Planet 2D Beta. I hope you enjoy the application, and stay with the progress of this application.

Note: Animation WAS finished, but for some reason it stopped working completely.
All logic and wiring does not work.
To go back in the menu press f2
This is very unfinished.

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 (44.5 mkb )

Posted by The Chris Street 23rd February, 2011

How about some in-game screenshots?
Posted by UrbanMonk 2nd March, 2011

I downloaded and played this earlier.

But I'll admit that I didn't do much with it, but the character graphics in those screens look great!

I was kinda lost at the controls too, I didn't have a clue what I should be pressing.
Posted by Nerijus 29th May, 2011

The game looks great in the screenshot but the link is broken..





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