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Project Float Demo V1.2
Author: tristanjmnz Submitted: 18th August, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 143

Edited By tristanjmnz on 10/23/2011

A simple boy goes on an adventure to set out to find answers about his past with the help of robotic spheres that give him each an individual special ability to pass obstacles. This demo shows the intro and first 2 levels of Project Float. For more information you can go to or

Version 1.2 Changelog:
New Sprites
World Map Added
Actions added in 1.1 are improved.
Achievements Added

Version 1.1 Changelog:
Changed Menu Appearance
Cutscene A_1 Fixes
Camera Fixes
Faster Acceleration and Decceleration
Higher Jump Strength + Higher Gravity
Running Added (Double Tap Left or Right Arrow Keys)
Leaping Added (Wider Jumps but No Double Jump)
Debug Keys Disabled
Level G_1 music replaced from nes_try.ogg to summergrass 2.ogg
Added Game Over Screen

(Note: It may be kind of difficult to figure out how to get to each level)
Level 1: Go all the way right until you find a mario-like bricks with a door on it. Press up on that door.

Level 2: With your new found partner use it to break the pipes in the upper platform. This will reveal another area with a door in it.

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Posted by Rikus 21st August, 2011

Alright you do have something really special here. From the town folks at the beginning into the first level. So here are some suggestions. the scrolling engine itself is a bit distracting, it moves when you move but when you stop it tries to centre itself, this got very annoying after a while. Also I really would have liked to have some sort of weapon from the very beginning maybe I missed something, because while the platforming was fun i still just wanted to shoot the monsters.

Also the game got stuck for me in the first level when i reach my friend and he says: "lets just keep heading right" when i press enter he says it again and the game gets stuck in a loop. Any ideas?

I am more then willing to give the game another try.
Posted by Rob Westbrook 21st August, 2011

I agree with Rikus about the camera movement. Seems a bit eager to rush off ahead of you! Also, the movement is very floaty... It takes a while to get going and to stop, makes controlling the character a bit tricky. Coupled with the camera movement as well :\

Other than that, a really good premise and I'd like to see it progress!
Posted by tristanjmnz 22nd August, 2011

@Rikus, yeah its a bug if you press it too fast the cutscene triggers dont work correctly. And both of you guys, I will work on fixing the issues you brought up. Thanks
Posted by Rikus 22nd August, 2011

High five, great excellent!
Posted by Chris Burrows 22nd August, 2011

Great game! I like how you can choose different outfits and the animation is all very smooth! A few things I did notice: The camera glitches if you go back into your house and then leave. The character is really hard to control, the acceleration and deceleration are far too low. The 8 bit music in the second area isn't consistent with chilled out vibe of the first level. But other than that, you got something good here. Keep us posted!

Posted by Videogameget 4th September, 2011

got stuck in level 1. Platafor is way to high. You may actually fix some of that. By the way the game is great!
Posted by Adrian Ceroni 7th September, 2011

A couple of things - will post further feedback when I find the appropriate forum.
1) After entering the red door, I walked left off the cliff into oblivion.
2) I would prefer more feedback (mainly visual) when I hit enemies.
3) I lost Orange upon entering invetory.
4) You can double jump off springs if you jump ONTO them but not if you walk on them. Is this on purpose? It would make any escape-type levels hard.
Posted by tristanjmnz 9th September, 2011

I will keep all these in consideration when making demo 1.2. and to answer your questions Adrian, falling isnt coded as a death yet, will be. 2)I will add particles and sound effects to make killing enemies more rewarding 3)Yeah, the inventory is a sphere select screen and its default is no sphere. I'll change that as well. 4) I will fix that in 1.2 it was not on purpose. :c





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