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Author: alfie Submitted: 27th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 61

Jam is an original puzzle game inspired by Tetris. Download the demo it's the fully functioning game with a 7 day trial... enjoy!
PS The filesize is only about 500K

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Posted by ACE_Spark 27th June, 2002

Weird game mate.. But why just a 7 day trial? Seems odd to put a "trial" on click games.. hmm..
Posted by ACE_Spark 27th June, 2002

Note I said the game was weird, not rubbish.
Posted by NapalmDoom 27th June, 2002

Maybe he wants to make a few beans, can't blame him.
Posted by AfterStar 27th June, 2002

A trial.....on klik games? >=) Its not a PaintShopPro program or something.....its a simple game... Buddy look around you,have you seen any other KLIK GAMES with a trial? You can't make "a few beans" with Klik games! Its the Klik-nature! =) -Except for Rikus 40or80mb game-
Posted by Joshtek 27th June, 2002

That was worth it tho, Even I bought it :)
Posted by T.U.G.A. 27th June, 2002

afterstar, HE CAN MAKE A TRIAL IF HE WANTS! yes,you can make money with click games, obviously youve never heard of the popular click game "Desorphia" which made over $200
Posted by alfie 28th June, 2002

Podunkian, don't be afraid of the floating head!
Posted by alfie 28th June, 2002

How about some feedback on the actual game?
Posted by T.U.G.A. 28th June, 2002

people tend to not give any feedback,thats why they are such assholes
Posted by Ove Melaa 6th March, 2003

Well, i dindt like this... i hate bubble,balle,brick and gem games!





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