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Menu Example
Author: Chris Burrows Submitted: 28th September, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 333

Edited By Chris Burrows on 11/14/2011


Doom style (scrolling with arrow keys)
Warcraft 2 style (rollovers buttons)

Multiple menus, contained in a single frame. Pretty simple stuff really and there are so many ways to do it, this is my way. Also includes custom fade in/out transitions.

Zip file includes an exe plus open source mfa file.



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Posted by Zephni 30th September, 2011

Smooth, I like it. I once built a menu engine that actually read from an external file so it could be edited from there.. Also it pulled in the background for the menu from a tileset, not sure where I put it though, might even be on TDC somewhere.

But sometimes extra files are just a nuisance! When I don't feel like making a menu dyu mind if I use this engine?
Comment edited by Zephni on 9/30/2011
Posted by Chris Burrows 2nd October, 2011

Using extra files is great if it saves you time. I'm using an external file for all item names and descriptions in my current project and it is so much easier and faster than defining them through events.

I checked out your menu example and it's great. Very flexible. I'm going to try make something like that one day. Not now though. Off to shhleeeeeeeeeeep. Good night fine sir!
Posted by Benny Lindberg 9th October, 2011

This crashes MMF2 for me, for some reason.
Posted by Chris Burrows 10th October, 2011

Really? I'm sorry to hear that. The exe too? Or just the mfa? and at what point?





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