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Text Blitting Example (No extensions required)
Author: Chris Burrows Submitted: 13th November, 2011 Favourites:1
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Edited By Chris Burrows on 11/26/2011

Text Blitting Example (No extensions required)

I prefer the "Character Image Object" over the "Text Blitter" object because it supports flash, but the huge drop in framerate when used in HWA makes it useless. This example shows how you can text blit without using any extensions.

Each character is stored as a single frame in an active object and in ASCII order. Starting at number 32 (!), through to 122 (z).

Text is automatically word wrapped and colour can be changed mid sentence using a prefix.



Version 2:


I have left Version 1 available because it is fully commented and changing colour by switching RGB values may be preferred by some.

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Posted by The Chris Street 13th November, 2011

Very nice!
Posted by nivram 13th November, 2011
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Another winner Chris.

Posted by Del Duio 22nd November, 2011

Doesn't work for me, all the texts displayed are white even though it should work. I have it running on Win XP Pro if that helps.
Posted by Chris Burrows 22nd November, 2011

If anybody is interested, it didn't work for Del Duio because he wasn't using HWA, and RGB swapping is only allowed in HWA. This is not a problem in version 2, as colour swapping is done by switching tileset (animation).

Comment edited by Chris Burrows on 5/11/2012
Posted by JoshMelu 12th March, 2016
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I can't donwload it, please i really need the download





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