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Edited By jamesh on 7/12/2012

Edited By jamesh on 3/7/2012


- No longer runs full screen
- Menu works better - new buttons etc. Readme page.
- Changeable limit on number of houses, balances things better.
- Options ingame
- Draw error fixed
- Smoke off option (speeds runtime)

- A screensaver version
- Fix problems with overlaps
-Other stuff

A small world simulator based on a few things I have been experimenting with - after you've selected a few parameters, a world is randomly generated, with one person. The person will start to chop trees and make buildings, which increases the population - how long it lasts is based partly on luck and partly on the starting conditions.

There isn't really an objective but it's interesting to play with, and to see how long you can keep your population alive.

THE NIGHT WORLD is a simulation of a tiny, nocturnal world
in which tiny people run around, cut down trees, and build
bridges, farms and houses with the wood thus gained. Sometimes
they even plant trees but not very often.

The world is randomly generated every time, to a set of parameters
you can set in the Main Menu.

The aim of the game is debatable.
Perhaps you will see how long you can sustain your small community for
(the game is over when the last of your people dies).
Perhaps you want to see how many houses you can build.
Perhaps you just want to play with the parameters and see what happens.

* * * * * * * * THE MENU * * * * * * * * *

This is vague, as the trees are randomly generated. You can choose between
four options from many to few.

Four options again. From pretty slow to pretty fast (for a person).

How much wood a tree will give before keeling over.

How much a house costs (in wood). Houses, like everything else,
are created automatically by your people.

Similar. BEWARE: if you price these items above your houses,
your people will never build them!

On or Off.

* * * * * * * * WHAT HAPPENS IN-GAME * * * * * * * *

You can either set the conditions on which the simulation runs -
and then sit back and watch a civilization bring itself to ruin in
minutes - or you can enjoy a limited level of involvement with the process.
LEFT CLICK will draw any of your people near the cursor towards the point at
which you've clicked; RIGHT CLICK will push the nearby people away.

ESC exits to the main menu.
SPACE restarts the level without exiting to the main menu.

You start with one person, one house, one farm, some water, and some trees.


The PERSON is the basic unit of the game. They will busy around,
collecting wood and building things until they die.
A person cannot cross water or go over the edge of the world.
A person will die after a certain period of time, and will die
all the quicker if FOOD stocks run out.
When your last person dies, the game is over.


If a person bumps into a tree (it will seek them if wood stocks
are running low enough) it will collect one unit of WOOD.
Wood is used for building things. When a tree has been depleted of
enough wood, it will be destroyed. When a structure is built, it
costs you wood.


If wood stocks rise to a certain level, a HOUSE will be built.
These come in many jolly colours and each come with a new person!
They will also periodically generate new people.
After a certain amount of time, they crumble and fall.


If a person collides with the river, and there is enough wood,
a BRIDGE will be built. This structure - unlike a real bridge -
destroys the water underneath it, thus rendering rivers traversable
to your people.
60 seconds after its construction, a bridge is destroyed, returning to you
half of its value in wood.


If food stocks are low enough, and you have enough wood, a FARM
will be built. Farms produce FOOD.
FOOD is consumed by each of your people every second. Thus, if you have
three people, three units of food will be depleted every second.
The good news is that one farm produces three times as much food as one
person eats. The bad is that after a certain number of turns it runs out
and more farms will have to be built.


It is difficult to get a balance of the parameters. If a world is too
resource-rich, it can boom-and-bust in a remarkably short period of time.
If it's too poor, or you happen to be unlucky, your first person may die
alone without having ever made any friends.

* * * * * * * * * KNOWN BUGS * * * * * * * * *

Sometimes the NIGHT WORLD doesn't generate properly, and everything
will be drawn half-way up the screen. If this happens, hit SPACE to
reload the level.
There's a problem with the selection of PEOPLE SPEED. I don't know what
to do about this.

Have fun!

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Posted by UrbanMonk 4th March, 2012
Rated :

Get ride of the sounds. They don't really add much and it's hard to tell whats making them anyway.

Make the house and farm building locked to a grid to clean it up abit and decrease the messiness of the world.

Don't force me to run this in fullscreen mode, make it windowed. I can press Alt-Enter if I want that.

You can use the layer object to order the objects based on their Y position to make sure objects in front appear in front.

This thing is pretty cool actually! It makes me want to make something like this as a screensaver or something. Cute!
Posted by jamesh 7th March, 2012

Hey UrbanMonk, I've applied some of your suggestions and updated the download.
Posted by s-m-r 12th July, 2012

Is this game still available? I tried the mediafire link, but it appears to be broken.
Posted by jamesh 12th July, 2012

Hullo SMR! Thanks for pointing that out. I've re-uploaded it and changed the link.





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