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Boostman in Space
Author: jamesh Submitted: 15th May, 2012 Favourites:0
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Edited By jamesh on 5/15/2012

BOOSTMAN IN SPACE is a side-scrolling arcade-style video game with a classic sci-fi feel.

You control BOOSTMAN, extraordinary feline superhero, as he visits OUTER SPACE on his lunch break.

BOOSTMAN is feeling hungry, so it up to YOU to help him to collect as many articles of food as he can!

The more food you collect, the more likely you are to proceed to the next level of BOOST. The higher the level of BOOST, the more points you collect!

However, the clock ever ticks down...


Up and down arrow keys to control BOOSTMAN

B to use boost powerup

M to use magnet powerup

The most common article of food to be found in space is the cat crunchie. These are to be found scattered liberally about the inky void, affording you small points and minor quantities of boost.
Other Food

Also to be found in the limitless depths of the beyond are the infinitely more desirable, human foods, such as broccoli, donuts, bananas, and cake. These will give you ten times the points of a cat crunchie, and twice the boost.


There are a number of different powerups to be collected in Boostman in Space. They all operate differently, and can be particularly effective in combination.

Boost Powerup

Once collected, this powerup remains in your inventory until such time as you choose to use it. When the time comes, press B to take yourself to the next level.
Full Boost Powerup

This powerup takes you to the highest level of boost known to man - only to be used if you think you're ready. Press B to activate.
Boost and full boost powerups replace each other in the inventory.

Once you've picked one up, press M to activate this powerful piece of magnetically charged iron. It will instantly create a powerful magnetic field, rendering pieces of food and other powerups powerless! You can collect them all, for a limited time!

The umbrella, when stumbled upon, is equipped automatically. This rainwear essential considerably broadens your food-collecting range, giving you a fabulous advantage. As the main action takes place in the airless vacuum of space, the umbrella provides no drag and thus is no hindrance to attaining fantastic speeds.
Food Can

This powerup spawns a lot of food immediately ahead of you - particularly effective in combination with the magnet or umbrella.

For each item you collect, the score is multiplied by the level of boost you are on at the time of collection. So, for example, a crunchie is worth one point at Boost Level 1, and worth 9 points at Full Boost

The base scores are 1 point for a crunchie, and ten points for a powerup.

The base score is then multiplied by the amount of time (in seconds) that you've spent in the game, and again by the highest level of boost so far attained.
The Clock

The clock starts out at 60 seconds. When it reaches zero, the game is over.

Each time you move onto a higher level of boost, 20 seconds is added to the clock. It can be useful to hang on to boost powerups for when time is running out.

Good luck, fair traveller! May you have a good lunch!

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Posted by s-m-r 21st May, 2012

Hahaha! I am curious to know if the food choices you made were based on Tommy, the real-life version of Boothman...Never heard of a cat eating broccoli, even in my many years of keeping them...but wonders may never cease.

Had fun with it so far; I've always been a fan of quick-to-play arcade games. My first score was around 136K. Now that I know how to use the special abilities I'll see what I can do to increase my score.

Nice job!
Posted by jamesh 22nd May, 2012

Thanks s-m-r! Yes, he's a real food opportunist. I don't know about broccoli, but he lives for frozen beans.

I have my own problem with this game - after a certain point it becomes quite luck-based and so the scores can be quite random, i.e. it's not that well balanced - I'd just been spending far too much time on it and so I thought I'd call it a day and get a life for a bit.
Posted by Rox Flame 29th May, 2012

Some cats love broccoli (

I must say I find it somewhat entertaining that this is called boostman. Was looking at the screenshots and was a little suprised to see a cat instead of a man (what is this sorcery!)





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