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Author: Matt Gandee Submitted: 17th May, 2012 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 65

A quick and simple puzzle game which places you in the shoes of the ever-rudimentary Blocky. Playing through a series of maps, you must navigate Blocky through the (surprise) blocks, turning them all the same colour in order to pass. The catch? You can't step on a red block, and once you've stepped on a green block, it turns red. Can you make it through without backtracking or boxing yourself in?

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Posted by monkeytherat 24th July, 2012
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Unoriginal concept, but still fun. It is incredibly frustrating to only get 1 try before you need to restart from the beginning, this could be fixed by giving people retries or fixing the save feature (which doesn't work). Hate to be negative, but this game needs work and in my opinion is unfinished.
Posted by Matt Gandee 12th November, 2013

The save game feature works fine for me. May I ask what operating system you're using?





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