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Cannon Run
Author: Matt Gandee Submitted: 12th November, 2013 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 19

Edited By Matt Gandee on 11/13/2013

Playing as Blocky, this simple arcade game throws you into an arena with four moving cannons - one on either side. Every few moments, all four cannons will launch a cannonball at you (with the intervals decreasing in time as the game progresses), and it's up to you to avoid them, whilst collecting extra lives and bonus items. Once all your lives are lost, the time you survived gets added to your total score. How many points can you rack up?

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Posted by The Chris Street 12th November, 2013

Please ensure screenshots work before we accept
Posted by Matt Gandee 13th November, 2013

Sorry about that! Should be fixed now.
Posted by s-m-r 14th November, 2013
Rated :

Had some fun with this one! I like the simple, easy-to-understand concept and its arcade feel.

I did notice that once you start a game, you're nearly instantly blasted by a handful of cannonballs at once. I assume that this is due to using a combination of MIDI music and a stopwatch-based timer (that is, a timer based on seconds instead of internal CPU "clicks"). Here are a couple solutions to this issue:

- use a WAV file instead of a MIDI file, to allow for instant starting of the game. If you use a WAV that's less than a minute and a half, the game won't be too big and that's plenty of music for a game like this.
- launch cannon balls based on an internal timer instead of a clock. If you made this game in MMF2 or some other Clickteam software, then simply set up an Alterable Value of something (like the cannon) as the shooting timer. Always add 1 (or some other number) to the Value, and when the Value reaches a certain number then launch a cannonball and set the Value to 0.

That being said, I REALLY enjoy the concept. There's tremendous potential for power-ups, combos, extra points, and so on. Nice work.






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