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LordKat Server Drive: The Game
Author: Wrim Submitted: 19th July, 2012 Favourites:0
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Edited By Wrim on 7/19/2012

LordKat currently has a IndieGoGo project for a Server Drive.
He is reaching his goal very fast, it's currently $5015 with the goal of 5500.

So I made a game out of it.

Steer LordKat With the arrow keys. control his arms with your mouse cursor.
The Cursor also works as a debug tool to remove any stuck items.

Collect donations with his head and use his arms as shields to avoid penalty objects.
Donations are random between 1 & 150.
Penalty objects will reduce the day-counter.
Penalty objects will make you slow/freeze/reduce your donations/make a fax sound.
Money cures all status effects.
Reaching day 0 without gathering enough donations will close the game.

After the donation
After the money is collected, protect yourself and the server rig from the fans who enter through the portal.
Don't let them get to close or the'll hump your leg and you'll lose money!
Press the spawnbutton in the upper left corner if you want more fans.
Losing money will make the server rig decrease.

Control Pixel LordKat with arrow keys.
Aim with the cursor, shoot with left mouse button.
Remove houses with right mouse button.

Should there be any bugs, feel free to report them.

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