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A Nightmare in Sunnydale
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A Nightmare in Sunnydale

In her original world, Buffy Anne Summers was a vampire slayer, keeping the town of Sunnydale clean of demonic scum. Somehow, she finds herself in the world of Nowhere, with no memory of who she is or what her life was like before waking up here. Accompanying her is Dean Winchester, a demon hunter, and Ash Williams, a demon slave turned demon lord. Like her, they are both from other worlds. As Buffy and company strive to solve the mysteries of the world--and of Buffy herself--they encounter a clique of supernaturals who will stop at nothing to claim this world as their own, and have their target square on Buffy, Buffy has to decide if escape is more important than settling the score with that demon clique, whose scheme will disrupt all of reality. Besides, will the entity controlling this world let Buffy and her new friends escape?

- Choose from 12 playable characters that can be swapped in and out of battle at will
- Sandbox gameplay
- Semi-customize your characters by designating them to the weapon of your choice. Some characters have up to 30-40 skills learned, while others can have close to a hundred
- Multiple endings


X = Opens Menu/Cancels action
ENTER = Confirms action
DIRECTIONAL KEYS = Allows movement
DIRECTIONAL KEYS + SHIFT (hold) = Causes the character to sprint.
ALT + ENTER (hit once) = Fullscreen Mode

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