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Another Bubble Girl 2
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Edited By Yai7 on 22/06/2021

It's Another Bubble Girl 2! An arcade game with 3 episodes containing a total of 80 different levels, 8 Different Boss fights and various creatures and monsters to fight against!

Years ago, after the author of the game had a wet dream, it has altered the existence of the world Bubble Girl and her pals are live in and add various different elemental power ups to be used and activated by the heroine trough special floppies scattered around in the level and hidden randomally inside various creatures and monsters... That means that now Bubble Girl is able to change her elemental form and attack with different abilities such as fire, ice and electricity...

That was years ago... Meanwhile, Bubble Girl finished her high studies of Psychotherapy and became an own licensed psychiatrist. The problem was that soon after opening her clinic she found out that the clients ceased from coming to receive therapy in her facility... That is because of 7 mysterious regional psychiatrists that have emerged and are now the ones giving all of Bubble Girl's potential patients!

Now, angrier than ever, Bubble Girl sets up on a journey to defeat all 7 psychiatrists and find the one who is responsible for nominating them to their applications causing her to lose all the patients she ever wanted to force treatment on and hospitalize in her facility.

Travel trough 80 stages separated into 3 different episodes in 8 different environments varied such as Planetree planes, ice, lava and more... Defeat various monsters using the different power ups. Bubble Girl can have immunities to different attacks from enemy monsters and critters based on the elemental form she is and so does several enemy monsters and critters might have resistance to her attacks depends on her power form she turned into.

Game contains an animated intro and a full story with cutscenes showing her encounters with the various different Psychotherapists she meets on her way!

The game is for an adult audience and as well, contain nudity and adult themes! A special nudity screen is also hidden in the game, see if you can find it, as long as you are a mature adult and up to play this game!

We got rid of most if not all known bugs so the game may be fully playable! But you can always notice me if something doesn't work!

Anyway, Download & enjoy your experience with Another Bubble Girl 2!

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