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Halloween a knights quest
Author: LordHannu Submitted: 30th October, 2021 Favourites:1
Genre: Retro Downloads: 350

Edited By Joshtek on 30/10/2021

My entry for the Halloween competition. 2021-10-30

Move with arrow keys
Spacebar to teleport back to castle.

Made some kind of turned based game. When you move everything else moves.

Sat with this on the weekends.

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 (4.1 mkb )

Posted by MonadoBoy64 31st October, 2021
Rated :

I really love this game! I do wish it was level-based instead of one massive level because it's a little disorienting not knowing how big the level is since the game doesn't show you how big the level is. And I wish there were more animations for the main character, hostages, and enemies. Also, the game is kinda on the easy side but I still enjoyed it. I also was kinda confused about how the game ended because I filled the Safe House with the required 150 hostages and it said to go back to the Safe House. And I did so and nothing happened other than the Safe House fully filled up. I guess that's the end of the game? But other than all of that, Halloween: A Knight's Quest is an awesome game and I really enjoyed it. Zi Si Noapte is probably going to have a hard time beating Halloween: A Knight's Quest. But may the best game win!
Posted by Joshtek 28th November, 2021

The review I posted at is as follows: I like the whole ‘rescuing people’ premise and trying to keep them from the monsters – a Halloween rescue mission, with monsters that give the game a clear Halloween theme. It has a consistent art style which fits the feel of the game, and the gameplay was easy enough to pick up once I realised that you had to go off the edge of the screen to move to the next screen. The game was intended to have day/night cycles but the game wasn’t completed in time, meaning it appears to always be in dusk (which I guess is technically night and day). This game reminds me of Dungeon of Fears made by the same author for the Intellivision Jam 2019, but it is definitely its own game and also appears to take on board feedback made by MonadoBoy64 about the need for the movement to avoid getting stuck on walls. I would have liked to see how the game could have made better use of the day/night element and the ending when I completed could have been more substantive, but the game was generally solid and gets bonus points for being both creative and technically accomplished, going beyond simply relying on default Fusion movement or genre tropes. The step and saved counters give the game the potential for replayability, but does not have the same ‘just one more try’ feel I got from Flammable Freddy due to the slower pace, larger levels and lack of strategic variety and new game plus. I would definitely be happy to see future games made based on this engine, though.
Posted by LordHannu 30th November, 2021

I could develop this further. When all people are saved in an area to show something like arrow to the edges of the screen where there are people still to be rescued. Its not that hard to add. I used my weekends best as i could to develop. I wanted something unique that's why I started to work with this kind of solution/engine. Maybe develop this to a RPG-engine.

Thanks MonadoBoy64 and Joshtek for the feedback. I will continue making games because I find it relaxing and entertaining just figuring things out.
Posted by GraySlicer09 25th March, 2022
Rated :

This is a neat little game. I like the visual style and the mechanic of having the game world move only when you do. I do wish that we were able to save how many humans we rescued though, it is a little upsetting to have any progress deleted once the game closes. Besides that, the game is pretty cool. I also left a review for it here:






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