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Review: Halloween a knights quest
Author: GraySlicer09
Added: 25/03/2022 01:59:29

Right out of the gate the game has a good presentation. The menu is well-designed with a nice background track, and all of the objects flying around in the background also helps give the menu some life. The general visual style is also nice.

While the gameplay isn't the most interesting, the game makes up for it with a large map and a variety of enemy placements. The touch of having the game world only move when you do is also nice. This means you will have to plan out your moves carefully, especially if you have a large group of saved humans following behind you. Then you have to think about their movements in relation to the enemy as well. The teleportation feature also helps to alleviate the repetitive walk back to the safe zone, which you will definitely want when traveling far across the map.

The graphics are consistent and enjoyable. They are minimalistic in the right areas yet still maintain a nice level of detail. The inclusion of leaves blowing in the wind is also a nice detail.

The music on the menu is nice, although I would have appreciated some background music while you are actually playing the game. The sounds that are present are both good and not too shrill, which can be a problem with 8-bit sounds sometimes.

The game's inclusion of a large world map certainly gives it a good amount of play time. However it is so large that it feels really unsatisfying to have whatever progress you've made get deleted as soon as the game closes. It would be cool if we were at least able to save the amount of people that have been rescued.

Overall Halloween A Knight's Quest is a neat little game with a pleasing art style and gameplay that, while a little lacking, is good for what it offers.

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Posted by LordHannu 29th March, 2022

Thanks for the nice review. Getting a playable game was first priority. The this review gives me good insight on what can be improved, Thanks!. My only enemy now is getting time.


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