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Death Deliverancy
Author: KeyKlik Software Submitted: 7th April, 2023 Favourites:1
Genre: Action Downloads: 126

Edited By Joshtek on 07/04/2023

Edited By Martin Frank on 07/04/2023

Edited By Martin Frank on 07/04/2023

Edited By Martin Frank on 07/04/2023


"Deaht Deliverancy" is a intense 2D action game where you take the role of "Death Giver", a fearless warrior on his way to raid the enemy criminal´s base. Armed with an arsenal of deady weapons, you must fight your way through hordes of enemies, using your skills and quick reflexes to survive. The game was made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5, providing smooth and responsive gameplay. With its fast-paced action and thrilling storyline, "Death Deliverancy" is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Are you ready to take on challenge and deliver death to your enemies?

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Posted by Joshtek 7th April, 2023

Thanks for sharing your game on The Daily Click. Here's some feedback:
* I quite like the old-school art style.
* It's very fast to get into the game without loads of unskippable elements.
* Sometimes the cursor is behind objects it should be in front of. If you lose and regain focus the cursor might be lost entirely.
* Sometimes the player character appears behind an element which he should be in front of.
* Mouse and WSAD is obvious to me, but you might want to state the controls somewhere.
* There should be some sort of prompt to say the glass is breakable - it could be restricted to only appearing if you fail to smash it after a certain amount of time.
* Movement feels like you are bumping into walls a lot, even when perspective might indicate you can walk behind a box. Sometimes you appear to bounce off thin air.
* You can't shoot until you get the key, but it still makes the shooting sound effect.
Posted by KeyKlik Software 8th April, 2023

Hello Joshtek. Thank you so much for your review, At the time of making this game (2 weeks ago) i didn't have a single clue about layers. but in the next game, everything's gonna be better.
Posted by Jack or John 8th April, 2023
Rated :

This game has a good amount of potential, but the movement is very clunky, like how you drift up or down when you stop moving. The shadows are really cool and the art is nice. I also would recommend adding music, which would make the game feel less empty.
Posted by KeyKlik Software 8th April, 2023

Hi. Jack or John. Thank you so much for this comment, And i will add music and fix the movement in Death Deliverancy 2!
Posted by hellzy 27th April, 2023

I might remake this game, if you don't mind.





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