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The Lost Eggs
Author: KeyKlik Software Submitted: 8th April, 2023 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 56

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Edited By Martin Frank on 08/04/2023

In "The Lost Eggs," you play as a brave rabbit named Patrick on a mission to recover every stolen egg from the Easter planet Eatadel. The notorious egg robber has taken them all, and it's up to Patrick to retrieve them before it's too late! Along the way, Patrick must collect water to regain his health and fend off obstacles like meteors and other space hazards. Can you help Patrick save Easter and restore the joy to Eatadel? This exciting game was made in just 11 hours using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and was created for Jimbink's 2023 Easter Game Jam.

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Posted by Jack or John 9th April, 2023
Rated :

This game has good enough potential, but the problems really bring it down for me. The physics are very buggy; constantly clipping into the ground and walls. The rocketship section was whatever, though I was confused on where the level ended. The art is pretty good as per usual. Just fix the platformer physics to not be like... that... and then i'd say this would be a pretty decent game.
Posted by Ambrion 23rd September, 2023
Rated :

I'll have to agree with Jack. The platforming engine needs some work, because this is what keeps happening to me
Posted by Ambrion 23rd September, 2023
Rated : Just beat the game and there's plenty of issues that need to be addressed. First of all, I can only get the first egg by clipping through the tiles while it's slowly sending me towards the egg. You can't make it there regularly, it's too high up for your jump. Then I've noticed you can take so much damage in a nanosecond by letting the white falling thingies hit you after throwing dirt at the bad guy with the left mouse click. I suggest making the character sprite blink, so that when it takes a single hit, it's practically immune to damage for a short period of time. The last egg can be found literally below the surface, you have to go left and jump through an invisible block and access the rocket ship section. The last part of the game is like the sequel to Death Deliverancy, and that game also ends with the same sort of "Take out all the obstacles with a single hit" formula. This one is average simply because the whole thing is let down by the platforming engine as well as the controls, but the gfx are pretty decent for what they're meant to be





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