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Halloween: October 31st
Author: oldgamesrbetter Submitted: 17th January, 2024 Favourites:1
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"{Released: Oct 31, 1999}

Well since I made a F13 game... what was next? Why not Michael Myers? This seriously took me like a weekend to make. Had a lot of free time in high school. Right in time for Halloween that year. Control by using the arrow keys & space bar. Don't mind my sweet spelling mistakes."

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Posted by LordHannu 20th January, 2024

I played this game when i was a kid. Loved it!
Comment edited by LordHannu on 20/01/2024
Posted by oldgamesrbetter 22nd January, 2024

Thanks for playing back in the day LordHannu! It's been decades since I originally made this.





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