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The Quest for Wonton Soup II
Author: oldgamesrbetter Submitted: 1st February, 2018 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 181

Edited By oldgamesrbetter on 03/02/2018

This game is not mine. This is another old Klik N Play game I found from a long time ago. Here is a quote from the creator:

"For a 12 year old in 94' with no programming experience, Klik & Play blew my mind. As you all probably know, it was a game creation tool that made it extremely easy to create simple games without writing a single line of code. There was a huge community on America Online, Keyword:MAXIS?, where people could upload and share their games. My friend and I made a game called "The Quest For The Wonton Soup" which uh.. featured an asian man collecting coins to buy.. wonton soup. Yeah. At the time (remember, we were 12) we thought it was funny but clearly it was a prettty (edit: extremely) stereotypical take on an asian man. Whoops. This game existed on the Maxis forum on AOL for download and a number of probably illegal compilation cds filled with peoples klik & play games that some random companies sold. Anyway, neither of us have a copy of the game as it was probably thrown out with our 386's 15 years ago."

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Posted by The MPP 4th February, 2018

OMG! I actually found a download for this game a few months ago, and now it's on The Daily Click!
Posted by oldgamesrbetter 4th February, 2018

@The MPP - Hahah. I was on a nostalgia kick recently. After finding the Sword of Cobalt games I was trying to find other old KNP games that I used to play. This one definitely one of them. Still searching for the others.. most I canít even remember the names of.. but the search continues!! These classics must be preserved!!






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