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Random Speed : era2002
Author: Forman Submitted: 5th July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Racing Downloads: 151

A racing game I made about a year ago. Game contains 5 (+1 bonus)cars and 4 tracks. Game has 2 modes, quick race and bmw tornament. The tracks are quite narrow but I have won all the races so it's not impossible to pass the opponents. I am sorry because of the lack of screenshots and poor quality. Hope you like my game anyway.

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Posted by T.U.G.A. 5th July, 2002

hmm,did you do these graphics?
Posted by Forman 5th July, 2002

yes, 100%
Posted by Forman 5th July, 2002

actually the road textures came with tgf but the rest is (should be)mine. I made this game a year ago so sorry about the lil mistake.
Posted by Exero 5th July, 2002

They don't lool original to me... out
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 6th July, 2002

21MB?! That's insane!
Posted by The Chris Street 6th July, 2002

Holy cow. I wont be dloading THIS then. At least, not until I get broadband, in the not too close future
Posted by Forman 6th July, 2002

to Exero: they are original ! 21mb is quite big but the game contains 3 wav (tgf doesn not support mp3 format you know) menu musics that are played randomly and a 7mb avi intro also. sorry about the size of the game but it is as small as it can be. I don't like ripped versions, do you?
Posted by Fox (br) 6th July, 2002

You is Insane? 21mb.
Posted by Deathbringer 7th July, 2002

Use getright or DAP or something, even my shit connection can download big files like that-takes a while though ^-^ review coming in 3 hours XD
Posted by Deathbringer 7th July, 2002

okay, bit late, but anyway: I liked the game quite a bit, though some tracks where a bit too narrow and easy to crash on (factory street especially), also all the cars but the ford where wayyy too slow XD. I also reckon that the autobahn level should have been the "first" because its wide and easy and fast, so good for beginners. Other than that, the graphics are great, the sound is good, and i love the intro ^-^
Posted by Forman 8th July, 2002

there is some space between wall and tree in factory street(find that place!). of course you have to drive carefully because hitting the tree is easy.




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